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Want to Grow Your Community? And So Can You!

We’re looking for folks who are motivated and want to help grow their community in the store.  We need your help to develop content and get people’s attention on the game or games you love to play.  If you provide us with regular content, we’ll give you the platforms to spread the love like peanut butter and jelly on toast.  MGS is stepping up its game and we want to bring you with us as we pursue our number one goal to make new gamers and unlock their awesome potential to bring you more worthy opponents and reliable party members as you cleanse the heretic, slay the alien or dive into the latest dungeon.

We host competitive teams that travel to other cities to compete in tournaments and operate as the home store to some of the nation’s top ranked gamers.  We also host narrative and casual play for those who just want a relaxing game of epic carnage and destruction who might not be in it for points or awards; we get it, wholesale slaughter of Orks, Goblins or the Undead can be your happy place.

If you’re interested in promoting your game platform by writing articles, taking photos, making videos or providing entertaining commentary in whatever format you can stop by the store and speak with Jeremiah about becoming a content contributor.

As we move forward in updating the website we’ll also be unveiling some cool features dedicated to each game system that we support.  You can help be a part of that by contributing content or becoming a Tournament or Event Organizer and help build up your community.

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