The Middle Sixty #4: Training

Welcome back to another middle sixty article.  This week’s topic is going to be about training.  What? You thought you didn’t have to work for those W’s? Think again.  

There are, rarely, players who can just pick up a list and perform well from the first time playing it.  That isn’t you.  It isn’t me.  It isn’t the norm.  In my opinion the biggest difference between players comes down to how much they play.  Play at every opportunity.  

Frequent games allow you to do several things.  First, you get to know your army inside and out.  Learn what works.  Pay attention to how much value you are getting from your units.  You’ll find that certain things are under-performing.  Cut them.  Pay attention to yourself.  Take note of tactical errors.  Take note of consistencies in the way opponents react to certain things.  

Second, you learn the meta.  Play everyone, everywhere.  Play every army.  You’ll see how your list does against every other list out there so you can tune appropriately.  Actively look for people who play common lists.  See how you do against battle companies, against riptide wings, etc.  

Next, you’ll get better in general.  You’ll gradually gain a better understanding of the rules.  You won’t have to think as much because the tactics will become second nature.  

The most important thing is to train the way you’re going to be playing.  Play the ITC missions, play the standard points limit, and time your games.  Make sure you get to as many tournaments as possible.  Not only is it the only way to rack up points, it’s great for getting in practice games.  

Competitive play isn’t for everyone.  Some people just don’t have the time to take it seriously.  But if you don’t play frequently, you won’t be improving much.  You don’t have to exclude everything else, but you do have to set aside time to improve your game.

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