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Brand New Webstore and MAJOR Updates Coming Soon (September 2019)

We go back and forth over how to best operate the store and our online presence in order to avoid watering down what we provide our customers. I think we’ve finally reached a good place in between to take advantage of selling online to better serve our community. We have a lot of different threads we’re currently pulling on to bring together a whole new gaming experience that empowers the community to put on competitive, narrative and learning campaigns across any of the major game systems we support and even those we don’t or don’t yet.

The main change that is coming about is the way we’re selling on our website and presenting information.

You can see the simplified layout with icons for each of the specialty pages for each game system. You’ll also be able to browse our entire selection by category on the right to jump right in.

Each game system will have a Community Page where Tournament and Event Organizers will be able to coordinate and advertise events to the community. Leagues can share league news and really tailor the experience to their game system. The Products Page will allow you to shop based on your particular faction, unit type or launch our Army Builder which will let you first build your list and then drag and drop products onto your Army List to ensure you’re getting the best deal for that new list you’re working towards. We are also launching a new financing system that won’t require crazy interest rates or fees, but will let you save up for or piece out your bigger purchases so you can get your hands on your new army sooner. Each game will also have an Introduction Page that will be filled with galleries, videos, guides and other content to give you a sense of what the game is all about. We’re also going to add some “stats” to the icons so you’ll be able to see how many players, how advanced or complex the ruleset is and a few other data points so you can get into the right game for you and your friends and family. The board games will really take advantage of this tagging system.

We are also working on a “Welcome to MGS” system that will tie into the community features quite a bit. You will launch a quest or an adventure as a new customer with MGS and you’ll be able to get in on the fun at events when we do stuff like El Paso Comic Con and Soldier Con. The quest will show you around our website and invite you into the store for some other special events and even lead you around El Paso to some of our partners in the city. You’ll be able to unlock quest rewards as you do certain things like “like” our Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Twitch and gain bonuses for attending in-store events. Already existing customers will also be able to get in on it. It’s all coming as part of our complete revamp of the store.

We’ve been messing around with Pre-Orders through Games Workshop a bit and so far we’ve found a system that we like, so that implementation will start sooner than the rest of the site. You’ll see us rolling out core game systems first and then focus elsewhere. Our goal is to add value to your experience with us and do it without creating any new headaches for anyone.

On top of that we’re also working on our own game that you’ll start seeing more about coming up soon. The Dungeons and Dragons custom campaign we’re running with the KLAQ Morning Show is also getting its own page because we want to continue to support that effort and introduce people to the wonder that is D&D. You can join us in the store or online at on July 11th at 5 PM Mountain for the next iteration of one crazy adventure with a custom campaign about El Paso.

All of this is going to come with a whole slew of new features and other things we’ll be sharing over the next few months until it hits. Expect Fall of 2018 to bring some MAJOR updates to MGS in the future.

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Brand New Webstore Coming Soon!

We’ve been working on our webstore slowly, but surely and here we are, almost ready to unveil it to the world.  It will enable us to do a whole lot more and make your ability to shop Military Gamer Supply from anywhere while online.  This will impact several of our services and help make them more readily available to you and those who don’t know they’re die hard MGS fans quite yet.  This exciting new online buyer’s paradise will allow us to fully integrate our memberships to bring you more online, exclusive content, including new downloadable content for things like custom D&D or other rule system campaigns written by some of our store sponsored DMs.  We’re thrilled to be able to start offering you new options for reserving our premium game rooms, Artemis Spaceship Simulator and even schedule time with your favorite DM to host your next adventure to celebrate a special occasion or just ‘cuz.

Want to schedule a painting class for you solo or with a group of friends?  We’ll be able to bring you that and make it nice and easy through our website.  Want to get more out of your membership by registering or checking in for tournaments or events without having to come into the store?  We can do that!  We can also offer narrative campaigns through our website where you can report results and manage army lists, react to special campaign events by voting or managing your planet or province as part of a Governorship system.  There are so many more options available to us with our new webstore and we want to make sure you’re ready for it.

Those who have existing memberships will receive cancellation notices as we drop our old system for the brand, new, definitely worlds better, amazing, sleek, easy-to-use, fully integrated online store that is part of our website rather than being a separate service.  We will turn on a 30-day “trial period” for those who have memberships as of the moment we drop the other service to allow for us to contact everyone who had an active membership and make sure everything transitions smoothly.

We’re pretty excited for this new online store and you’ll see a lot more involving memberships over the next few months as we flesh out the system even more.  The plan is to bring a whole lot of bonus content (for no extra cost!) for those who have store memberships, so if you’ve been on the fence about it, please consider purchasing a membership and help us grow that part of our services.

The goal is to have everything ready by Monday, the 19th of June, but hey, we’re all gamers here and we know how well technology treats us, so stand by for that to flex, just a tad.  We hope you’re ready for us to kick it up a notch and take MGS to the next level.