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MGS Does D&D El Paso Alternate Reality Style

Join us Saturday, the 12th of May at MGS – 1121 Larry Mahan Drive, Suite A, El Paso, TX 79925 – for a LIVE session of D&D played by Brandon from the KLAQ Morning Show and several MGS staff being DM’d by Justin Del Valle. Here’s a little teaser for you from the setting, which is an alternative future reality of El Paso:

As James slinked his way down the mountainside he pondered to himself what would await him across the next ridge. He had heard plenty of stories about Concordia, of its shady dealings and checkered past; yet shady dealings meant possible payouts and James was hungry for his next haul. What greeted James did not disappoint his sense of adventure.

Rising up into the mountains was what looked like a sprawling monastery completely out of place for this part of the world, but he valued oddities like this and that generally meant an equally eccentric clientele, or in his mind, targets. He pulled out his looking glass to get a better sense of just who and perhaps, what, he was up against. A peculiar choice of art graced the facades of most of the towers, or perhaps it lent itself to the purpose of this complex; a mining pick. That meant one thing in his mind, precious metals. Was this an elaborate mining complex where they unearthed buried treasures? At the very least, something of this size would at least have a safe or two stocked full of coin that could find its way into his possession.  As he scanned the multitude of buildings he noticed something humanoid; well, in shape, maybe not in size to which he was generally accustomed. Dwarves. Of course, it had to be dwarves, the inventors of the modern home security system.

Okay, this could be a good thing he mused to himself. Dwarves are generally a good sign of things stashed away and possibly forgotten, so it may not be immediately missed, whatever it is he decided to pilfer from their inventory. He scanned desperately looking for a warehouse or the very least a mine entrance so he could track the sweet pay dirt to its place of safe keeping. Books, books and more books. No one is carrying any crates or pushing any carts. This is all wrong, this can’t be right. Then it hit him, this isn’t a mine, this is a university, a place of useless learning, not of the sweet gold stuff or the glittery glory of gems or jewels. Well, maybe I can still make off with some of the tuition he resigned himself to plotting. He let out a sigh, “oh well, I’ve heard at least they have good tequila.” James made his way down the mountain to find the nearest tavern and plot his next move.

Join us in our new alternate world, the creation of Justin and Brandon as a campaign setting for Dungeons and Dragons. Show up, cheer us on and save 10% on Dungeons and Dragons manuals, miniatures and dice sets. Check it out on


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Modern Tournament Thursday!

Modern Thursdays

Starts @ 6:30 p.m.
$5 Entry
Swiss rounds based on attendance.
1 booster pack for each win awarded to each player.


Modern is a constructed format and therefore adheres to the following constructed rules:

  • Minimum of sixty cards
  • No maximum deck size, as long as you can shuffle your deck unassisted
  • Up to fifteen cards in your sideboard, if used

With the exception of basic lands (Plains, Island, Swamp, Mountain, and Forest), your combined deck and sideboard may not contain more than four of any individual card, counted by its English card title equivalent.

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Get Discord, Get MGS Events in Your Phone, Get Good

We already know how awesome you are and that’s why we always love seeing you in the store.  Sometimes life can get crazy with all the social media apps, updates, reminders, blah, blah, blah.  We know you’re riding the struggle bus that life throws at all of us, but don’t worry, we’re here for you!  That’s why we’re putting together an awesome orchestra of Discord goodness that will give you a fully integrated option to get updates on events in the same place where you can text and talk with other members of the community.  Rather than throw another brick into the wall of life, we’re working to make it easier for you to connect with fellow MGS gamers and arrange for matches or get the latest on Dungeons and Dragons, Magic: The Gathering or whatever other organized play we’ve got going on.

That’s where Discord comes in and we’ve connected our Google Calendar to it in order to provide you a weekly outlook so you know what you have to look forward to at the end of the work day or on the weekends.  We’re with you every step of the way with events going on every week night because sometimes working for the weekend just doesn’t cut it.

Not only do we bring you events, but we have channels specific to your favorite games.  On top of that we also provide automatic reminders and links to our livestreams when we have them going.  Shortly we’ll even let you RSVP through the Discord App to ensure your greatest desire to show up and curb stomp the competition is duly noted.

Hop on our Discord Server by visiting our landing page or check out other ways to get more out of our plethora of community connecting concoctions and platforms by reading up on a few options available to you.

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We’ve Leveled Up Memberships — Get Yours Today!

We're Leveling Up Your Membership.

If you had a membership with us in the past then you have received a notice that your membership was cancelled, but don't worry! We're replacing it with a brand new system that is completely integrated with our website and our brand new webstore that is going to let us do some pretty cool stuff.

Like what? Let me do a sweet, table doodad that will highlight ALL THE THINGS!

  • Make Reservations for our Tavern Room or Spaceship Simulator online
  • Use your membership discounts on select online purchases
  • Access Member Only areas to participate in Narrative Campaigns
  • Get Exclusive Access to new projects and our own Game Development
  • Purchase Member Only T-Shirts and the Swaggiest of the Swag!
  • Sell your Armies, Miniatures or Gamer Gear Online & Offline through us
  • Whaaaaat? That sounds pretty awesome, right? So how do I get in on this hotness?

Get in on the new hotness.

Either go to our webstore at to see all the new products as they're added daily or go directly to the memberships section at or check out the bottom of this post to start shopping now.

Will the membership system change again?

It took us a bit to get it right, so we apologize for those who had memberships and had to re-up, but we've got it on lock down now since this new system achieves EXACTLY what we wanted in the first place.  Your memberships can now be integrated into the webstore directly without any of the crazy hassle we had to go through before.  Unless the sky falls and the aliens invade, this is our system since it does all the cool stuff we want it to do and will in turn let us do some cool stuff for you.

For more information, check out the membership product pages below or check out our Membership Overview page.

Thanks for being awesome!

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Ways to Find Others to Game With

Ever get the feeling your particular game community is dead or dying?  Is it hard to find others to game against or difficult to find people to play a specific scenario or campaign?  We here at Military Gamer Supply want to help you meet up with others that play your way because we know that all of our communities have gamers in them, they just need help meeting up sometimes.

We know what the sales numbers look like and who is playing what, so we’ve set up a few different ways for you to find others so you don’t feel like ‘no one ever plays X’ ever again.  We also want you to know that we’ll use our powers for good and help you get your community to bounce back in case it falls into a rut.  Sometimes all it takes is spreading the good word that people want to get in a game or two and suddenly we achieve our store’s number one proverb and mantra, “activity begets activity.”

1.  Discord

We know we’ve pushed Discord before and there’s a big reason for that.  It’s like a massive group text that you can customize how you get notified.  Imagine that your favorite texting app and TeamSpeak 3 had a baby.  It’s okay, I’ll let you hang on to that oddly erotic moment for a bit.  You good?  Great.  In Discord you can have it your way (please don’t use it as a sexting app for the community, srsly).  You can use it for texting or for voice chat or why not both?  It’s great for reaching out to an entire game platform because you can use what Discord calls mentions.

Mentions are a great way to customize your request and reach all the right people to set up a gaming night for you and your friends.

By using the @role, where role is replaced by a specific usergroup, you can message all your potential opponents in @malifaux or @warhammer_40K.  We can even go more specific than that and set up @warhammer_40K_casual or @warhammer_40K_competitive to help cater to your wants and desires for a game or three.

Discord is also in real time and it doesn’t hide messages unless you set it up that way so you have less chances of missing an impromptu, wholesale evening of slaughter.

You can get to our Discord server by visiting our Discord page under the Services tab or by clickity clicking on this here URL:

2. Facebook Group(s)

One of the most used methods we’ve seen around the community is to join up with the various gaming groups on Facebook.  There are way too many to list all of them, which is why we prefer Discord since all of our communities are right there and if you’re like most of us, you game across multiple platforms.  Still, the specific Facebook groups out there can be very helpful to get advice and buy/sell models or cards you don’t use anymore.  For our own, Military Gamer Network, we do allow sales posts, but we just ask that you coordinate with us first so we can make sure people aren’t getting scammed and heck, we might want to buy it from you right then and there, too.

The great thing about some of the other Facebook Groups is that if you just want to stay close to home and game at another store we don’t have to have that awkward moment about people posting about other stores on our Group.  We’d love to be the sole destination for gaming in your lives, but let’s face it, we understand.

Most people hang out on Facebook because it’s the place where most people believe most other people live.  Ultimately, not everyone is on Facebook, so we try to make sure people have access to other methods for gathering information about us and community activities.  Another benefit of being on Facebook is that you can reply to others and let them know where and when you’ll be set up for a game.  We do have other avenues of advertising games, but they lack that bit of interaction (we’re working on it, we promise!), which is why Facebook Groups come in at number two on our recommendation list.

Check out our Facebook Group at:

For more general gaming across the city check out El Paso Wargames and RPGs at:

If you’re on Fort Bliss you can also check out our location on post at:

3. Facebook Events

Our Facebook Page, Military Gamer Supply, has events that are set up specifically for tournaments and regular game nights.  The nice thing about the Facebook Events are that they can send you reminders and should pop up on your phone as a ‘nearby event’ if you’re looking for something to do.  We rate them behind the Groups because we hope that people are regularly paying attention and these are a little less negotiable on time since they’re already scheduled.

These are, however, the best way for you to increase your chances of finding likeminded folks ready to throw down with you.  The problem we encounter is that Facebook doesn’t play fair when it comes to listing events and serving them up to people on their timelines.  If you go hunt them down from our Facebook Page, though, they’re ready for your brain to ingest all the goodness and allow you to plan out your life accordingly to make sure you find people to play with and against.

4. Website/Google Calendar/Newsletter

Most of our other social media pages and platforms feed to and from our website and integrate with our Google Calendar and Newsletter.  Like Facebook Events, they are generally static posts, but we’re working on pulling comments into the website to make it more interactive allowing you to RSVP or ask for more information and to get a sense of how many people are showing up.

Check out our Events Calendar, which is an embedded Google Calendar, that you can add to your own Gmail or Android Phone account (heck, you can even add it to your iPhone if you have a calendar app) to get notifications for events and include directions to the store that will even pull up traffic reports and let you know when you need to leave to make it on time (the future is now!).

Want to get something going on the regular?  Let us know and we’ll make sure we add it so others can find out about the gaming night you want to get going.

Our periodic SITREP (Situation Report) or Newsletter draws from articles on our Website and events on our Calendar, so make sure you sign up HERE to receive our latest news and stay in the loop.

5. Just Show Up

Nothing beats just showing up during our peak hours and letting it be known that you’re taking all challengers.  We typically see most of our tables filled with games going on ranging from Dungeons and Dragons to Warhammer 40K, Magic: The Gathering, random Board Games and just about anything else you can think of.  The best part?  We’re willing to put out more tables and everyone knows we’ve got the space to make it happen.


You guys make everything happen.  If you ever want to pump some life into your favorite gaming community, please let us know and we’ll figure out how to support you.  We do have leagues, tournaments, events and regular nights for all sorts of games.  You guys make this whole thing happen, so we want to do everything we can to make sure you have plenty of team members and opponents to help you game your way.