Extra Life Weekend

As many of you know, Extra life is one those events that we look forward to all year. The store will be open for 36 hours; yes I said THIRTY SIX HOURS. If this is your first time out to Extra Life you might want to know how this all works. It’s simple, a quarter get you a re-roll; re-roll as many times as you want because it’s for the kids. Now for Magic it’s going to work a little differently, a quarter gets you a scry, 50 cents gets you a life point and 75 cents get you a land you didn’t have before.

MA – Feb 25 – March 01,1897

MA – Feb 25 – March 01,1897 Feb 25 Today we rescue dirt digging doctor’s girlfriend. She was being held by evil man in order to make doctor look for some place called L Doorado. I killed evil man once he had given us the information we asked for. We must now travel through jungle to […]

MA – Feb 24, 1897

MA – Feb 24, 1897 Today was interesting day! After saving priest and children we receved golden statue of man with very large peenis. I think English lady is keeping it. That ok with me. I myself have no use for peenis statue. After this we get job to look for dirt digging doctor and […]

Dungeons and Dragons – Omega Chronicle: A Bard’s Guide

A Bard’s Guide Good Day Friends! Benwyndll Nimvelwyn, Bard extraordinaire here, just trying to do my part to make your time trapped in the game a little less miserable. The following will act as a story to help kill your boredom as well as a guide to slaying the monsters which inhabit this world. Each week […]