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MGS Does D&D El Paso Alternate Reality Style

Join us Saturday, the 12th of May at MGS – 1121 Larry Mahan Drive, Suite A, El Paso, TX 79925 – for a LIVE session of D&D played by Brandon from the KLAQ Morning Show and several MGS staff being DM’d by Justin Del Valle. Here’s a little teaser for you from the setting, which is an alternative future reality of El Paso:

As James slinked his way down the mountainside he pondered to himself what would await him across the next ridge. He had heard plenty of stories about Concordia, of its shady dealings and checkered past; yet shady dealings meant possible payouts and James was hungry for his next haul. What greeted James did not disappoint his sense of adventure.

Rising up into the mountains was what looked like a sprawling monastery completely out of place for this part of the world, but he valued oddities like this and that generally meant an equally eccentric clientele, or in his mind, targets. He pulled out his looking glass to get a better sense of just who and perhaps, what, he was up against. A peculiar choice of art graced the facades of most of the towers, or perhaps it lent itself to the purpose of this complex; a mining pick. That meant one thing in his mind, precious metals. Was this an elaborate mining complex where they unearthed buried treasures? At the very least, something of this size would at least have a safe or two stocked full of coin that could find its way into his possession.  As he scanned the multitude of buildings he noticed something humanoid; well, in shape, maybe not in size to which he was generally accustomed. Dwarves. Of course, it had to be dwarves, the inventors of the modern home security system.

Okay, this could be a good thing he mused to himself. Dwarves are generally a good sign of things stashed away and possibly forgotten, so it may not be immediately missed, whatever it is he decided to pilfer from their inventory. He scanned desperately looking for a warehouse or the very least a mine entrance so he could track the sweet pay dirt to its place of safe keeping. Books, books and more books. No one is carrying any crates or pushing any carts. This is all wrong, this can’t be right. Then it hit him, this isn’t a mine, this is a university, a place of useless learning, not of the sweet gold stuff or the glittery glory of gems or jewels. Well, maybe I can still make off with some of the tuition he resigned himself to plotting. He let out a sigh, “oh well, I’ve heard at least they have good tequila.” James made his way down the mountain to find the nearest tavern and plot his next move.

Join us in our new alternate world, the creation of Justin and Brandon as a campaign setting for Dungeons and Dragons. Show up, cheer us on and save 10% on Dungeons and Dragons manuals, miniatures and dice sets. Check it out on


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Extra Life Weekend

As many of you know, Extra life is one those events that we look forward to all year. The store will be open for 36 hours; yes I said THIRTY SIX HOURS. If this is your first time out to Extra Life you might want to know how this all works. It’s simple, a quarter get you a re-roll; re-roll as many times as you want because it’s for the kids. Now for Magic it’s going to work a little differently, a quarter gets you a scry, 50 cents gets you a life point and 75 cents get you a land you didn’t have before.

Help us make this event better then last year! Now here’s our Schudule:

Event Schedule:

With every purchase will be donating 5% to the El Paso Children Hospital this is our way of giving back to the community that has given, so much to us.


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DM tips with Justin

In all of history, only one challenge surpasses all others.  One monumental task that seems impossible.  Only a select few can ever hope to master this challenge: Being a Dungeon Master.

All hyperbole aside, being a Dungeon Master is a very nerve wracking and time consuming task.  In this weekly series​, I will give tips for both aspiring DMs and rpg veterans to help you add more to your campaign. Keep in mind these are tips, not hard and fast rules.

Who am I?  I am a long time D&D player who has been running games for over twenty years.  I started with AD&D and have played all the way to 5e.  I currently run the weekly stream for Military Gamer Supply set in the classic Ravenloft setting, Masque of the Red Death (every Monday at 7pm on the Military Gamer Supply Twitch channel).

There are many things to cover.  I decided to start at the beginning with one simple question: Why?

Do you have a great story in mind? We’re you the only one of your friends willing to DM?  Do you like the idea of playing many different characters at once?  Did your kids get the starter set for Christmas?  Excellent! These are all solid reasons to DM.

Regardless of the specifics, there is one goal for every DM: Facilitate the fun. No matter what your “why” is, fun should be the ultimate goal. Everyone is trying to have a great time with this game, as the Dungeon Master a great deal of that burden falls upon you.  However, as we move into the first tip, you will find that it is not a burden at all.

Tip #1.  Before you start playing, you need to work out with your players the type of game they want to play.  I am not talking only about the setting. Do you want to play a silly game where even the characters names are jokes? Or perhaps a more serious game about the ramifications of war.  The goal is for you and your players to have the same idea in mind as you craft the story.  Know the answers of what you would like to get out of running the campaign from the very beginning.  Failure to have a clear idea in mind can lead to a bad overall experience.  If you want a serious noir style game and one of your players shows up with Facepunch the Buttkicker, Lord of Smasha Town, someone is not going to be having fun.

Some things to consider:
Setting (Traditional Fantasy or SciFi for example)
Serious v Silly
High magic v Low Magic
Combat Driven v Story Driven
How often will you play?
How long for each session?
Player against player actions
House rules (no cell phones at the table for example)

If you have a clear idea of the type of game you would like, it makes it easier for your players to fit in.  You may need to compromise a little bit on some issues which is fine.  Table top gaming requires communication and compromise like any other relationship.

Now that you have worked out they type of game that you will run, it is time to get into the meat of it all.  Next week I will be discussing character creation and the role of the DM in that process.  If you want me to go over a specific topic, comment below.  Thanks for reading, and Happy Gaming.

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MGS Teams Up With KLAQ For a Night of D&D

Saturday, June 3rd, 2017 starting at 8 PM, KLAQ 95.5 will be gearing up to experience the epic adventure of Dungeons and Dragons along with a few contest winners.  Grand prize consists of an entire set of books, 4 sets of dice and a box of pre-painted monsters to get you and your friends up and running with your own campaign.

Everything you need to run your own campaign!

Listen in to KLAQ this week for your chance to win our full campaign kit or one of 4 D&D Starter Kits and your chance to play D&D with us on Saturday, June 3rd at 8 PM.  Hecklers and all around shady characters are more than welcome to come join us!

For our Facebook event, check it out here:

Check out the event on our Google Calendar so you can add it to your Google Account or Phone:
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A Bard’s Guide Issue IV

Hello fellow survivors! I know it’s been awhile since I’ve written an issue of A Bard’s Guide, but things have been hectic for the Enusa Liberation Front (ELF) as of late.

When last I left you, we had just escaped the mines to the east of Balmora. The memory of eight legged, multi-eyed, hairyness still assails my dreams… Upon returning to the city, we reported in to Captain Darkeyes. Quest complete! He then informed us of the missing Archmage who had left to go on an expedition of the ruins of Gometra. Quest Accepted! Gometra will not appear on your map as of yet, and I highly suggest you not try to find it until I’ve had a chance to publish its dangers.

We left and headed towards the ruined city. We camped out in an area which is known as the Bad Lands. In the middle of the night we saw a wandering blue light. Curiosity did not kill this Dragonborn, but it did age it 10 years. You see, the blue wandering light was in fact, a g-g-g-ghost!

The g-g-g-ghost let out a deathly wail, forcing a wisdom saving throw, and caused fear. My roll was poor, I failed the DC by 5 or more, and I aged 10 years as well as being terrified!

Though I think I look more distinguished, my back aches sometimes and I no longer understand this generation. I would recommend not getting close to a ghost if you have a poor wisdom score. It also has the possession ability. We were lucky enough to avoid this, but I imagine using our comrades bodies to attack us would have been bad… 

Other than that, the ghost was slain with relative ease. It does have resistance to just about all damage, save force and radiant, but it only has around 40 hit points, and an AC of 11 or lower.

The Next challenge we faced on our way to Gometra was the Wemic. A half-man half-lion race, they demanded a tribute of 10 percent of our “trade.” As our trade as adventurers is monster slaying, they demanded we take the chieftain’s son on a monster slaying expedition. We agreed and left straight away to fight the Wemic’s enemies.

50% Man 50% Lion, 100% BA

Turns out the Wemic don’t like their Ogre and Minotaur neighbors so much, for that’s who we were sent after.

Now, Ogres often appear intimidating, but they aren’t really all that bad. They only have one attack, and a terrible AC at 11. They have a decent amount of HP, about 60. They also hit kind of hard, but they are slow and dumb. Focus them down one at a time, and don’t let them do the same to you. 

Next, we faced a mated pair of Minotaur. They hit a bit harder, and they’re a bit quicker. Their AC is about 15, and they have about 80ish hit points. They also have a charge attack which you need to look out for, and they can go reckless, meaning they can gain advantage on their attacks, but you’ll get advantage on your attacks against them.

Once the camp was clear, we burned their crude dwellings, salted the earth, put their heads on pikes, killed their horses, took their women and children as slaves…well not really…but we felt like conquering heroes! At least the little Wemic Prince did.

We spent the night celebrating our victory with the Wemic, and made our way towards Gometra in the morning.

I’m afraid I have to end this issue on a sour note. That day we entered an area known as the Black Heart Caldera. We skirted the edge as much as possible because we were warned that it was dangerous, and it is. While traveling along the northern edge, we ran into another adventuring party. They were on a quest to help all you folks up in Lumino. 

We parted ways to pursue our individual goals, and heard their cries for help minutes later. We rushed as fast as could to see them under attack by Fire Snakes and Large Fire Lizards…Salamanders I’m assuming.

            Now That’s Hot.

The Fire Snakes were easy to dispatch, but there were several of them. They had an AC of 14, and 25 hit points or less. They also had multiple attacks for low damage.

The Salamanders had an AC of 15, and about 100 HP. They have two attacks as well for a good amount of damage. Both creatures were also resistance to physical damage, and their bodies emit heat that will do damage to you if you strike them in melee.

I recommend cold damage and fire resistance if you’re going to be traveling the Black Heart Coldera.

Despite our best efforts, a man who went by the name of Bladelock lost his life that day. He didn’t have a soul stone. Bladelock died a hero. He sacrificed himself pursing the means to put an end to the Bandit King. The assaults on Lumino have claimed the lives of too many of our friends and comrades in arms. ELF is joining the fight against the scourge known as Blackthorne. His end is near, and we will be in the vanguard when the time comes.  

Be safe out there, friends. Make sure you travel with a healer, and a tank, fight together, and watch each others backs. Don’t go into the unexplored wilds without a full, well-rounded, group, and keep reading A Bard’s Guide if you want to know what dangers are out there! 

Thanks for reading!


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Dungeons and Dragons – Omega Chronicle: A Bard’s Guide

A Bard’s Guide

Good Day Friends! Benwyndll Nimvelwyn, Bard extraordinaire here, just trying to do my part to make your time trapped in the game a little less miserable. The following will act as a story to help kill your boredom as well as a guide to slaying the monsters which inhabit this world. Each week I will try to bring you an exciting tale of harrowing adventure and I’ll also share with you any tips I’ve discovered for slaying the beasts that I encountered during my adventures. For this, all I ask is a nominal fee which you have, no doubt, already paid.

The first adventure which I will be sharing with you involves the Whispering Wood, and the Dragonspine Mountains. Yes, that’s right, friends! My compatriots and I have not only delved into the unrelenting darkness of the Whispering Woods, facing its many perils, but we have also defied death by creeping into the unexplored Dragonspine Mountains.

Let me begin at the…beginning. By sheer force of presence and devilish charm I was able to assemble a group of six battle hardened men and women to accompany me into the Whispering Wood. My companions are Dale, the Human Ranger, Nyx, the Tiefling Warlock, Stanton, the Human Cleric, Garth the Half-Orc Warrior, and Nia, the Half-Elf Paladin. At first, some of them were afraid, but my confidence and daring proved to be a beacon of hope and inspiration in the dismal darkness and despair of which many of us have succumbed.

Upon entering the wood, we stumbled upon a beleaguered Dwarven Cleric named Dinmall who had come to the Whispering Wood to help a woman in the city of Balmordal. Her child had been taken away by goblins, and this poor fellow had gone to help with a group of his own. But they promptly ditched him upon receiving his quest, and then the fools went about the business of getting themselves killed. Once Dinmall had divulged this information to us, and the location of the child, we immediately set off to help.

Dale did what he does best…sneaking and peeking. He spotted several goblins and hobgoblins, and tried to creep around the camp to see if he could spot more. Unfortunately, he was spotted and we were forced to engage the enemy. We waded into combat with a battlecry on our lips and courage in our hearts!

Nia was the first to strike a blow against our foe by tossing a javelin through a goblin’s chest. Goblins are a troublesome foe when they can muster numbers. They are difficult to hit, but they don’t have many hitpoints. Kill them quick though, or they’ll surround you, and poke you to death.

Much more difficult were the hobgoblins we encountered. Our ummm “healer,” Stanton, managed to dispatch several with an area of effect spell hitting at max damage (24 damage). However, there was a much tougher one that also took the full force of the spell and was still in the fight. I managed to slay the hardier Hobgoblin by putting myself into an advantageous position and forcing it to retreat by casting a dissonance whispers spell, then stabbing it through the heart as it ran (19 more damage putting it at around 40 hps).

Once we had cleared the camp, we rescued the child, and a few guards who had also been trapped along with him. The guards told us that the Prince of the City of Light, Balmordal, had been kidnapped and taken to a temple in the Dragonspine Mountains. We selflessly offered to pursue this quest post haste. Dale volunteered to take the child back to the City, and departed with the boy on horseback. He soon caught up to us at the entrance of the temple.

The Temple had a giant dragon carved into it above the entrance. Stanton was able to discern that this was a Temple to Loviatar, the goddess of pain. With that in mind, Dale snuck into the temple and started to search around. Almost immediately, he was able to find a couple of corpses that rose up from the ground and started to attack the party.

The Symbol of the Goddess of Pain
The Symbol of the Goddess of Pain is not pleasant. 

Zombies are slow and easy to hit, but they have a decent amount of hitpoints themselves. Luckily we were only facing two, and managed to deal with them with relative ease.

Further along, we ran into a trap that did some minor damage to our Ranger. Tip when spelunking dungeons, use stealth, and remember to investigate for traps. It might save your life.

The next foe we came upon were ape-like Fiends. We stumbled upon them as they were feasting upon the corpse of an unfortunate guard. They were squat little devils, and excreted a foul smelling gas 10 feet from themselves that would linger. Anyone who inhaled the gas would

have to try and overcome it (Constitution save) or become sluggish in their actions. They also seemed to be resistant to lightning attacks, but luckily, they were easy to strike (13 AC or less) and went down with few strikes. We slayed them with with little effort. Their corpses dissipated when they fell to the hard, stone floor.

In the next room, we came across another two guards. The two we had rescued recognized them, this put us at ease. Though, that would turn out to be a mistake. They told us that they had accompanied the Prince here, and that he was still alive, further in.

With renewed hope that our mission would be successful, we pressed on. We entered a smaller room that was adorned with whips, chains, and cat-o-nine tails. Resisting the urge to take a few with us, we pressed forward!

In the next room we found a poor man chained to the floor, his body was bloody and scarred, his mouth was gagged. Obviously, he had spent some time in the previous chamber. We didn’t have time to discuss the circumstances of his capture, however, as the room was filled with those gas expelling Fiends. There were about twice as many, and this battle was about twice as difficult, but we managed to overcome our foes once again!

After the fight, I strode up to the platform our friend was anchored to, and calmed him before removing the rag from his mouth. “They aren’t guards!” was the first thing out of his mouth. With that, we wheeled about to face what we had thought were our allies.

Big, Hairy, Mean...
Big, red, and deadly…

The guise the “guards” wore melted away to reveal a much more terrifying foe than we had faced thus far. Big, red, and deadly, these fiends would not go down as easy as their little cousins. Their masquerade ended, they appeared ape-like, but with a much tougher hide (AC 14 or 15) and a hardier constitution. They struck out with two heavy fists, and chomped on us with a mouth full of teeth. They too seemed to resist lightning damage.

That day we flirted with Kelemvor as we danced a jig with the servants of the Abyss in the House of Loviatar, but the Outer Planes would have to wait, as we stood triumphant over our foe.

Once they were dispatched, we turned our attention to the chained up man, and released him. He thanked us, and explained to us that he was the Captain of the Prince’s Guard. He retrieved his gear from a nearby chest, and offered to stand watch while we rested. We were in much need at this point.

And I’m afraid that is where I must take a pause, for though our adventure has just begun, this part of it has concluded…