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PvP Arena Round 1 in Conan Exiles — 2 June 18

We’re kicking off the PvP Arena that we’ve spoken about recently in style with competitors from around the Military Gamer Network. member, BabyFaceJohn is hosting the event on the Conan Exiles server starting at 1900 Eastern on Saturday, June 2nd. Gear will be provided to ensure everyone is in a standard fighting kit and the prize for the event has been described as “exquisite,” so we’ll see exactly what that means on Saturday.

If you’re interested in checking out the game you find out more on it’s Steam Store Page and by tuning in to the channel on Saturday to see one of our network streamers coming to you LIVE with the ongoing action. Why watch it when you can jump in and join the fun?

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20 May 2018 – SITREP – What Are We Up To?

Streaming LIVE on Sundays at 7 PM Central / 6 PM Mountain at

Tonight at 7 PM Central on, and we’ll be covering a few different topics for MGS, and Silver Sun Republic. We figured we would take you through some of our current active branches and show off what some of our members have been up to, primarily the members playing Conan Exiles and the coliseum they’ve built for some PvP ladders coming soon.

PvP in Conan Exiles

The Stygians are serious about their competitive sports.

The ladder and arena style Player vs Player combat will be starting up soon for and Silver Sun Republic on the MG Exiles server being hosted on’s dedicated server where members can request games to be installed for use by the community.

Open areas perfect for slaughtering people or a wide list of "things."

Open areas perfect for slaughtering people or a wide list of “things.”

The server has pitted SSR and MG against each other to compete for PvE progression, but now the time has come to take the gloves off and get some arena and event style PvP going to see who is the Champion in Conan Exiles.

Fight in style and enjoy some fabulous interior decorating.

The arena is functional, but it’s also a cool place to hang out thanks to CaptMoxie and BabyFaceJohn spending some time getting things arranged. Conan Exiles has access to a wide variety of fixtures and furniture to personalize your home, or your torture chamber, whichever floats your boat or pulls your trigger.

Well, when you stop sweeping the place, the dust does tend to build up.

Not only does the arena serve as a place to fight, but it can also be a nice hangout spot in between events or to bring the community together to enjoy a nice tavern ambiance. It’s up to you whether you’ll just remain a spectator or jump in and get bloodied in the area. Either way, the game offers an opportunity for the community to come together and spend some time in virtual space together.

Content Suggestions

We’re getting links to things from people from time to time and that’s awesome, it’s greatly appreciated. Feel free to send it to any one of our Social Media platforms, on Discord as a Direct Message or share it on the MG forums. We’ll take that content, talk about it and share it with the rest of the community. We’re here for you!

Get Involved

Join us on Twitch and Discord so you can be part of the show!

We’ll be chatting directly on or on any of the community Discord channels.

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Conan Exiles on What Are We Playing Now?

If you haven’t had a chance to check it out during Early Access, I highly recommend Conan Exiles. The game takes the concept of Ark and smashes it into the world of Conan the Barbarian. It has it all from base building to NPC followers called Thralls that you can put in the Wheel of Pain that Conan was pushing in a circle from the movies (you have to break their will somehow!). The game also features siege mechanics, clans, quest lines, dungeons, climate effects, twitch style combat, in depth crafting and a whole lot more. Then again, you’re probably better off just watching the launch trailer below:

The Military Gamer Network is hosting a server for Conan Exiles and you can get all the details on our Discord through or Silver Sun Republic.

In order to qualify for membership you must be current or former US Military.


Silver Sun Republic

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Starting Your Own Business – Preview for 29 April 2018 Weekly SITREP

Streaming LIVE on Sundays at 7 PM Central / 6 PM Mountain at

This week we talked about epic Veteran entitlement fails and re-enlistments gone wrong. We were also treated to updates from some of the branches and talked about what was going on at Military Gamer Supply ( in El Paso and what Silver Sun Republic was up to as a community. We got some good insight into EVE and Life is Feudal, which I still highly recommend if you’re looking for some group PvP on a grand scale. One game will give you your Sci-Fi fix and the other will scratch that Medieval hardcore combat itch.

What I’m MOST excited about and it sounds like folks are getting geared up to hear about are the plethora of resources available for Veterans looking to start their own business whether it is your hobby or a full blown retail chain. I’m going to talk about my own experiences and significant mistakes in starting Military Gamer Supply, so that you don’t have to go through them yourselves. I’ll give you a look into the world of Small Business Ownership and guide you in the right direction after I’ve stepped on just about every commercial land mine that was out there.

We’ll also hear from the branches around the community again and see if anyone got up to any good fights in EVE or Life is Feudal.

I’ll also finally be around to start doing some Saturday Night Ops soooon (about 2 weeks away!) when we get our hands around some ARMA 3 goodness.

On one last and final note, I have some keys to give away for Defiance 2050, which is a new MMO from Trion Worlds entering beta on PC, Xbox and Playstation this weekend. I’ll be giving them away on Discord, so make sure you join the Discord server via and claim yours! Limited quantities of course.

Source: Do You Even Strategy, Bro?