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We operate both an online store and two physical location. Everything available online is also available in our brick and mortar store where we host tournaments and live events.

Fort Bliss Global Reach Gate Shopette – Bldg 13471 SGT Major Blvd, Ft Bliss, Texas 79918

Weekly Store Hours
10 AM to 6 PM10 AM to 6 PM10 AM to 6 PM10 AM to 6 PM10 AM to 6 PM10 AM to 6 PM10 AM to 6 PM

El Paso East – The Fountains –  1121 Larry Mahan Drive, Suite A, El Paso, Texas 79925

Weekly Store Hours
Soft Closing Hours (Hard Closing Hours)*
Noon to 8 PM (Midnight)2 PM to Midnight2 PM to Midnight2 PM to MidnightNoon to Midnight (2 AM)Noon to Midnight(2 AM)Noon to Midnight (2 AM)

*Soft closing hours mean that if no one is in the store we will close; if people are still playing we will close at the hard closing hours.

Store Map

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Future expansion area for 24 PC stations and 4 VR harnessesCheck out more about our console roomsCheck out more about our console roomsCheck out some of the game systems we carry

Fighter Gym

Over 900 sq ft, our Fighter Gym is built to host Historical Martial Arts to include the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), Armored Combat League (ACL) and Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) taking the form of heavy rattan, live steel and fencing combat.

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Dedicated space for making custom terrain and armor for use in our fighter gym or cosplay.

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Kids Room

A room set aside for the younger ones. Our policy regarding children requires those under the age of 13 to be within arm’s reach of a parent or legal guardian otherwise we request that they keep to the designated kids room.

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Coffee Bar

Our Coffee and Snack Bar, dubbed the “Mana Bar” will help keep you in the fight. A draft version of the menu will be available shortly.

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PC Gaming Section

Our PC Gaming sections is currently under construction and a future expansion project for the store. It will include 24 PCs, 4 Virtuix Omni Virtual Reality Harnesses with 2 Occulus Rift headsets.

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Main Game Area

Enjoy over 1800 sq ft of open game space designed to host table top, pen and paper, miniatures and board games with your friends, family and our growing gamer community.

Custom Built Tables

Our featured tables are all custom built by us to enhance your experience.

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Console Rooms

We host several XBOX Ones and PS4s with 50″ HD TVs that are connected to our high speed internet for LAN and internet gaming.

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Hosted Game Rooms

Our main game room is available for hosting private games with your friends or with our staff GMs that are there to provide you with a dedicated campaign for your group.

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Retail Area

We carry a whole lineup of game systems and stand alone board games. Over 1000 sq ft of retail space filled with all the latest games and gaming gear.

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Collectible Card Games

Eight tables available for CCGs featuring Magic: The Gathering.

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