Starting Your Own Business – Preview for 29 April 2018 Weekly SITREP

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This week we talked about epic Veteran entitlement fails and re-enlistments gone wrong. We were also treated to updates from some of the branches and talked about what was going on at Military Gamer Supply ( in El Paso and what Silver Sun Republic was up to as a community. We got some good insight into EVE and Life is Feudal, which I still highly recommend if you’re looking for some group PvP on a grand scale. One game will give you your Sci-Fi fix and the other will scratch that Medieval hardcore combat itch.

What I’m MOST excited about and it sounds like folks are getting geared up to hear about are the plethora of resources available for Veterans looking to start their own business whether it is your hobby or a full blown retail chain. I’m going to talk about my own experiences and significant mistakes in starting Military Gamer Supply, so that you don’t have to go through them yourselves. I’ll give you a look into the world of Small Business Ownership and guide you in the right direction after I’ve stepped on just about every commercial land mine that was out there.

We’ll also hear from the branches around the community again and see if anyone got up to any good fights in EVE or Life is Feudal.

I’ll also finally be around to start doing some Saturday Night Ops soooon (about 2 weeks away!) when we get our hands around some ARMA 3 goodness.

On one last and final note, I have some keys to give away for Defiance 2050, which is a new MMO from Trion Worlds entering beta on PC, Xbox and Playstation this weekend. I’ll be giving them away on Discord, so make sure you join the Discord server via and claim yours! Limited quantities of course.

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