Ready to Crew Your Own Spaceship?

Ever binge watched the entire Star Trek: Next Generation series or crawled out of your den at the break of dawn having just made it through the single season of awesomeness that is Firefly feeling empty, yet oddly confident that yes, you too could have totally been a part of the crew.  Whether you feel the call to command as Captain or the deep desire keep the ship in top shape as the snarky Engineer we’ve got the scratch for your space faring itch.  The best part?  You don’t have to do it on your own, in fact you can assemble your own crew.  Call on your closest friends or venture into the great unknown with people you barely know.  Either way we have the solution to your growing need to explore the unknown, meet new alien races and break their stuff.

It’s called Artemis Bridge Simulator and we’ve got two of them!  That’s right, we’ve got two spaceships that you can crew with your friends.  The video above is just a small glance into the crazy, unpredictable world of augmented reality that we’ve put together for your enjoyment.  Keep it episodic with single voyages or go full on series style by coming back to keep conquering the galaxy.

Using our own setting or by inventing your own you’ll embark upon a voyage to explore or just blow things into space dust as part of Joint Task Force Viper, TF-42 with the United Space Command.  If you’re feeling especially immersive, we even have space suits for you to don as you live out your own space opera (singing optional). ‘

Come check out the Spaceship Simulator this weekend or any time at Military Gamer Supply at our main store location next to the Fountains at 1121 Larry Mahan Drive, Suite A here in El Paso, Texas.  We’ll also be at the El Paso Comic Con 21 to 23 April 2017 with two of our spaceship simulators for you to go head to head or work together in a fleet of mega death and destruction on behalf of the Terran forces.

We even have our own space uniforms!
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