Raise Up to $1,000, Possibly Even More For Your Store Team!

We have been approached with the offer to volunteer at two events to raise funds to spend however we wish and we’ve decided to open it up to you to help earn some extra cash for your favorite store team.

From the event organizers:

“The first event is Street Fest, and we are looking for a team of 10 volunteers to work Friday, June 23rd, and Saturday, June 24th from 4pm to 12am to assist in serving alcoholic and/or non-alcoholic beverages at different stations. If your team chooses to do so, you can set up shifts for multiple volunteers so the same 10 people aren’t having to work 8 hours straight.
If you decide to work the alcohol serving station, you will need a team of 10 members working at once for the entire time. You will be compensated with a $1,000.00 paycheck towards your organization or to split among your team as you see fit.
If you decide to work the non-alcoholic drink serving station, you will only need a team of 5 volunteers for the whole day, and will be given $750.00 towards your organization or to split among your team as you see fit.

All volunteers must be 18 years of age or older.

We are looking for as many as three teams, so if you’d like to work both stations, or have enough volunteers to work multiple stations at once, that is more than acceptable. Furthermore, any tips that you make during the event you can keep to do with as you see fit.

The Second event, taking place July 2nd, is the Ice Cream Festival. We are looking for any number of volunteers to work one or both shifts, being 12pm-4pm, or 4pm-8pm. If your team chooses to work the 4pm-8pm shift, each member will receive a $25 check for their time and efforts.

For both events,all volunteers will receive complimentary meals, drinks, entrance to said events, and a t-shirt (and other things) for their help.”

Please contact us via Facebook or in the store to let us know you want to volunteer so we can get you signed up.  We need to know ASAP.  Volunteer hours will be split proportionally among the teams, so for example, if Warhammer 40K provides 80% of the time, then 80% of the funds raised go to them.  Funds will be used for prize support, travel and entry fees.  These funds will be set aside and added on top of money already dedicated by MGS to support sponsored teams.

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