PvP Arena Round 1 in Conan Exiles — 2 June 18

We’re kicking off the PvP Arena that we’ve spoken about recently in style with competitors from around the Military Gamer Network.  MilitaryGamers.com member, BabyFaceJohn is hosting the event on the Conan Exiles server starting at 1900 Eastern on Saturday, June 2nd. Gear will be provided to ensure everyone is in a standard fighting kit and the prize for the event has been described as “exquisite,” so we’ll see exactly what that means on Saturday.

If you’re interested in checking out the game you find out more on it’s Steam Store Page and by tuning in to the http://www.twitch.tv/militarygamers channel on Saturday to see one of our network streamers coming to you LIVE with the ongoing action. Why watch it when you can jump in and join the fun?

Source: Do You Even Strategy, Bro?