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Sold By: MGS is My El Paso Game Store - Military Gamer Supply


It’s choose your own adventure with these drinking vessels. So many options and ways to ensure your next live action libation adventure is on your terms with custom logos and a vast variety of sizes to choose from. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that size doesn’t matter when it comes to quenching your thirst. We can make sure you’re equipped to take on a raid boss sized demand for the drink of your choosing.

Now it’s time for our favorite part. Before any adventure begins, you have to select a Glass. Some folks just want a simple glass, some people want to multi-glass. We’re not here to judge!

Step 1 – Select Your Glass – Fighter? Thief? Rogue? Pixie Warrior Ninja Space Shuttle Door Gunner? The options are nearly endless!

  • The Barbarian (G1) – 19 oz
  • The Cleric (G2) – 16 oz
  • The Bard (G3) – 19 oz
  • The Fighter (G4) – 18 oz
  • The Footman (G5) – 16 oz
  • The Druid (G6) – 18 oz
  • The Sellsword (G7) – 15 oz
  • The Rogue (G8) – 12 oz
  • The Trader (G9) – 13 oz
  • The Mage (G10) – 15 oz
  • The Illusionist (G11) – 20 oz

Step 2 – Choose Your Alignment – Under which logo do you battle? We have a large selection of logos we can slap on there for you and this one is free! No DLC required here.

  • Upload your custom logo right here.
  • Ordering more than one with more than one with different logos? You’ll need to do that separately as different cart items.

Step 3 – Specialize Your Glass Selection – Pile on some add-ons to ascend your vessel

  • Add Name – $1 per cup
  • Upgrade Vinyls – $1 per cup
  • Upgraded Coffee Cup – $2.50 per cup
  • Chameleon Vinyl – $2 per cup
  • Heat Sensitive Vinyl – $3 per cup

Step 4 – Multi-Glass – Some of us just can’t stand being a generic Fighter, so add more glasses to your order by upping the quantity. If you want different logos, make sure to revisit the product page and add them as separate items to your cart.

Step 5 – Cover your Glass! We have some special instructions on how to care for these products to ensure they are machine washable and outlast your last party’s tank who pulled without make sure everyone was ready…

Cup Care:

  1. Please allow 30 days, marked on the card on delivery, before heavy cleaning and dishwasher use. 
  2. Adding glitter or heat sensitive vinyl to your cup will cause it to be handwash only
  3. Please do not soak the outside of the cup
  4. If the cup develops a white spot after washing, allow the cup to dry fully and it will go away
  5. Do not place cups in the microwave
  6. Please allow 10 days for your order to be ready for pick up at Military Gamer Supply or shipped out to you – We will text/call/email, whichever is your preference

Tumbler Care:

  1. Handwash only
  2. Do not soak outside of the cup
  3. NOT dishwasher safe
  4. Do not place tumbler in the microwave
  5. Dropping tumblers can crack the resin coating, please take care of your tumbler
  6. Please allow 2 weeks for tumblers to be ready due to resin curing times.  Pick up will be at Military Gamer Supply or shipped out to you – We will text/call/email, whichever is your preference

Additional information

Choose Your Starting Glass

G1 The Barbarian 19 oz, G2 The Cleric 16 oz, G3 The Bard 19 oz, G4 The Fighter 18 oz, G5 The Footman 16 oz, G6 The Druid 18 oz, G7 The Sellsword 15 oz, G8 The Rogue 12 oz, G9 The Merchant 13 oz, G10 The Mage 15 oz, G11 The Illusionist 20 oz


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