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Custom Game Accessories

Whether you’re looking for a dice rolling tower, dice bags, mugs, shirts, or custom built dials, tokens, and anything else you can think of you can get it here from MGS. We design and build everything in store so you know you’re getting high quality and can get it custom tailored exactly to what you’re looking for.

Miniatures Game Systems

Miniatures games come in many different sizes and scales ranging from typical 6mm all the way up to 28mm and even greater covering all genres and levels of warfare from skirmish to grand armies.

Warhammer 40K: Sci-Fi on a Galactic Scale

Welcome to the year 40,000 where there is only war.

Collectible Card Games

CCGs can be played competitively and casually. We support both types of playstyles and offer individual cards for sale for Magic: The Gathering.

Magic: The Gathering

MTG helped bring Collectible Card Games onto the main stage of the gaming world. We host Friday Night Magic, Standard, Modern, Pre-Release Nights, Commander, and even some of our own homebrew formats to keep things interesting. Check it out at MGS!

Roleplaying Games

Put on your robe and wizard hat! Take up the sword and shield, lance and spear to risk it all and seek adventure. We support a whole range of different RPGs from Dungeons and Dragons to our own custom made systems and beyond. Discover yourself or a whole new persona in the many worlds and realities taking shape at MGS.

Dungeons & Dragons: Seek Adventure with Friends

D&D is a classic and can be described as THE game that helped bring about the RPG genre. We host many games in store and even online, so come check it out.

Board Games

There’s way more than just Monopoly out there and we’ve got the stuff to prove it. Whether you’re looking to spend quality time together with your family or strain your friendships to their breaking point, we’ve got what you need.

Settlers of Catan: Test Your Friendships

Settlers of Catan is a classic and one of those games that will test friendships and put your negotiating skills to the test.

Virtual/Augmented Reality and Video Games

Virtual and Augmented Reality

The future of gaming is here at Military Gamer Supply! We feature several Oculus Rift headsets with Virtuix Omni support coming soon. If the headset route isn’t your thing we do have a fully functional Spaceship Simulator that you can crew with your friends.

Video Games and Hosted Servers

We also run game communities and guilds built around some of the most popular MMORPGs and Online Multiplayer Games. We host servers across several different genres. Find something that interests you and hop in.

About MGS

We are a game store located in El Paso, Texas that is called Military Gamer Supply, affectionately known as MGS. We deal in board games, miniatures, Virtual Reality, RPGs, tabletop, competitive card games and just about everything in between.