New Look, More to Come — StrategyBro and More!

I stream throughout the week and often times Friday/Saturday evenings, so join me for some heckling, Struggle Bus riding, and random shenanigans at Give me a follow and help me build my Empire, muahahahaha!

I’m always updating things. It’s just a habit of mine, so the latest and greatest is that I have a new logo and on top of that one of the artists that created RunningSilent’s artwork is now working on mine as well. I’m over 50 followers on Twitch, but I did some off schedule streams with lower average viewers, so I need to boost my count up a bit to get Affiliate. Mr_Ohnny and I are also working on some tips and tricks to getting to Affiliate status so you all can avoid the pitfalls that both of us experienced as our streams grow and we reach the next plateau in the livestreaming world.

That’s a slick looking logo if I’ve ever seen one.

Now that has its feet under it in terms of Livestreaming, the next effort is the building phase. We’ve figured out some of the hurdles and barriers to entry so that has enabled us to develop a game plan for the future. There are a ton of moving parts that are coming together and activity has increased over the past few weeks. The building phase will focus less on building infrastructure and more on content.

  1. Identify partners and build infrastructure
  2. Build Content
  3. ?????
  4. Profit

This one doesn’t involve underpants… or does it?

You may have also noticed that this site has come into being and that Military Gamer Network now has its own site as well. You may even be reading this article from that site because of how our content distribution works. We began with Livestreamers, but we’re moving on into overall Content Generation. MGN has a section for Livestreamer Setup and soon it will have a section for content generation to include hosting other people’s blogs, twitch profiles and other content. The idea is to take content and replicate it as many times as we can generating more exposure for MGN and all of our contributors. That leads me to my next point about how StrategyBro is going to take off.

Now that I can focus on content itself, I’ll be working on Battle Reports, Game Reviews, general philosophical debates on things that don’t matter and maybe some that do. We already do the Sunday SITREP to cover the upcoming week, but I’d also like to recap and review games we’ve been playing as a community and tackle some controversial topics. I also want to take all of that brain space that has been taken up by what I’ve learned in the military and apply it to video games. As my fellow MG members continue to make obvious to me, I’m StrategyBro, this ain’t TacticalBro, but then again, there are so few military brains out there applying some of these higher order concepts to open ended games like Life is Feudal, Squad, Planetside 2 or any of the traditionally Tactical FPS games. Most open PvP sandbox games are designed to allow for a Strategic mindset, but unless the group or community is prepared to function at that level, most decisions are still made tactically in time and space. We’re hoping to change that through the StrategyBro stream and bring some higher order discussion to the multiplayer games we play.

See, we even have an image overlay for them!

Keep your eyes open for our new contributors and the content generation we’re going to be bringing to you on a weekly schedule. As we get settled in, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to make your mark and grow your own brand within our network.

Tune in Sundays at 7PM Central on, or for the Sunday SITREP with Brando and Moxie to catch LIVE updates on your favorite community. 

Source: Do You Even Strategy, Bro?