Mikhail Alexeev Journal Entry – March 02 – March 04, 1897

Mikhail Alexeev Journal Entry – March 02 – March 04, 1897

This is a journal entry for the character Mikhail Alexeev, aka Mishka.  You can watch Mikhail’s exploits in our Masque of the Red Death campaign, livestreamed Mondays at 7 PM MNT on Twitch and Facebook.

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March 02

We entered the temple and found many dead bodies.  It looked like they were hacked to pieces by a skeleton man.  One of them was missing a head. We confirmed this when we went further into temple and found three more skeleton men. They attacked us, and English Lady wanted to run away,  but Mikhail does not fear shambling stack of bones!

Mikhail Does Not Fear the Dead!

I charged in and tore them to pieces with my bear claws! My comrades helped a little bit. After battle we searched the room. English woman found a map to L Doorado, very helpful.

The Doctor was playing with an urn and opened secret passageway.  Inside was a little glowing man. He threw an object at us, and I retrieved it. It was the missing head! Mystery solved!

March 3 & 4

We followed map to L Doorado. We had to go through thick mist to get there, Mikhail could not see a thing but Catholick Priest was able to lead us through it. We found another temple! But this one had big tree in the middle of it! We made our way to big tree temple and ran into some of the men we were searching for.

Big Tree in Temple

American told them we were part of their mercenary company. Mikhail did not know this. I thought we were hired by English company to help them find Doctor.  Very confusing.

Men told us not to go in temple, that their employer had gone mad.  Mikhail is not afraid of angry men! He strode forward first, but remembered American is good at spotting traps, so he let American go first instead. Mikhail is afraid of traps.

We came to archway with writing that Doctor translated. Said only the virtuous may pass. Who is more virtuous than Mikhail? I strode first through the arch and I ended up somewhere not on the other side of it. I waited, and eventually American appeared behind me. None of my other companions appeared. They must not be as virtuous as we are!

We continued on and found mercenary man with eye patch. He pointed his gun at Mikhail, but I reassured him I was with same mercenary company as American had said. Eye patch man was having trouble crossing big lake. It wafilled with piranhas.  I tried to convince piranhas to leave Mikhail and American comrade alone, and to only eat eye patch man, Mikhail does not trust one eyed men. They agreed to plan! But Mikhail could tell they were lying. 

Do Not Trust Piranha

Mikhail came up with new plan. He  turned into giant spider and carried others across. We went through tunnel into middle of temple with big tree. and fountain. There we met up with other, less virtuous, comrades. There we two other men here. Mad man and dirt digging Doctor.

This fountain was what the angry one was looking for to break curse he was under. Fountain of youth I think is what he called it.

There was also very beautiful woman here who offered eternal life to one of us, but that person could not leave tree temple. Mikhail passed on offer, seemed like a very boring place to be stuck in forever. Angry man and eye patch man fought over who would get to be one to stay. 

Priest stood in fountain and discovered it did not make him feel younger, only more dead. Maybe fountain is misnamed? Tree did not like priest being in fountain and started to attack him.

Eye patch man won fight, but American knocked him out after. This make attractive woman think maybe he best one to stay, but Mikhail could not let other virtuous comrade be enthralled by woman so I webbed American to the ground.

Mikhail is Friendly Giant Spider! 

Doctor comrade kept speaking of a cunning plan he had. I think it worked because he held woman at gunpoint, and this seemed to stop the tree from attacking us.

At some point the Doctor we were sent to rescue drank from the fountain and died. I think he should have listened to priest.  Doctor comrade convinced the tree to give us the body and let us leaf…hahaha little nature humor there…Tree agreed, and we left. I do not think the English mercenary company that hired us will be happy.


Tyler plays the character Mikhail, aka Mishka, in Masque of the Red Death livestreamed Mondays at 7 PM on Twitch and Facebook.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MilitaryGamerSupply/

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