Membership Overview

Memberships are broken down into Free, Veteran, Bronze, Silver and Gold.  Free memberships are available to everyone and cost nothing, but carry several benefits to include participating in narrative campaigns, storing characters and army lists, pre-registration for events and other access restricted areas of the website.  Veteran membership is available to those who are current or former US Military and may redeem their free Veteran membership account in store with proof of service (We don’t require formal DD214 paperwork, but member must be able to prove their service).

Bronze, Silver and Gold memberships are available in monthly, quarterly and annual periods with quarterly and annual receiving discounts up to 20% off.

Membership Benefits


Some products are already discounted and are not subject to membership discounts.  Some sales may be combined with Silver and Gold membership with a 5% discount added on top of the sales offering.

Veterans/Bronze – 5%

Silver/Gold – 10%


Members get discounts on reservations for our Tavern Room and may reserve table space to ensure availability up to an hour before showing up.  For the Tavern Room, Bronze members get 50% off and Silver and Gold members may reserve it for Free.  All reservations are subject to availability.

Narrative Campaigns

Some campaigns hosted by the store may include additional prize support and are therefore limited to member only participation.  Bronze, Silver and Gold members may be eligible for different tiers of prize support in addition to those being offered for the campaign.  Members also get special Planetary Governorship features when these campaigns are in play and may govern and oversee the production and defenses of their very own planet.