Memberships Have Been Revamped!

We’ve changed the way our memberships work on the online store. Now they’ve been streamlined to serve you better. We have also begun working to completely rework the webstore and focus on specific game systems to help you gain better access to pre-ordering and figuring out what you need for your next tournament, future army or open play.

We hope you’ll continue to support us the way you all always have and here’s to many more years of building a great community of gamers.

Check it out at

You can get a FREE membership that is used to stay informed with newsletters, sales and other sweet offerings. We also have a Military membership that only requires you to show proof of service and gets you 5% off. On top of that we have Bronze, Silver and Gold that will earn you up to 10% off on in store and select online store purchases. We’re also adding some digital subscription service features and working to improve our membership program with additional content all the time.

Consider a membership with Military Gamer Supply today and help us continue to build an amazing place for gamers to game the way they want.

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