Membership Program Changes Are Here!

Changes are coming to memberships, oh wait, they’re here!

We’re Leveling Up Your Membership.

If you have a membership you have received a notice that your membership is being cancelled, but don’t worry! We’re replacing it with a brand new system that is completely integrated with our website and our brand new webstore that is going to let us do some pretty cool stuff.

Like what? Let me do a sweet, table doodad that will highlight ALL THE THINGS!

  • Make Reservations for our Tavern Room or Spaceship Simulator online
  • Use your membership discounts on select online purchases
  • Access Member Only areas to participate in Narrative Campaigns
  • Get Exclusive Access to new projects and our own Game Development
  • Purchase Member Only T-Shirts and the Swaggiest of the Swag!
  • Sell your Armies, Miniatures or Gamer Gear Online & Offline through us
  • Whaaaaat? That sounds pretty awesome, right? So how do I get in on this hotness?

Get in on the new hotness.

Either go to our webstore at to see all the new products as they’re added daily or go directly to the memberships section at

What about my current subscription?

We’re calculating all the days you currently have left and as soon as you sign up for your replacement subscription we’ll add those on top. As a bonus, for those folks who deployed and didn’t turn off your subscriptions, well, we get it, we’re going to add extra time on top of your subscription when you get back. This is also a chance to turn it off in case you forgot.

Let us know if you’re not satisfied with the transition and we’ll do whatever it takes to make it right. We’re hoping that when you see the new system you’ll totally understand why this is a better way of doing things.

Thanks for being awesome!

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