MA – Feb 25 – March 01,1897

MA – Feb 25 – March 01,1897

Feb 25

Today we rescue dirt digging doctor’s girlfriend. She was being held by evil man in order to make doctor look for some place called L Doorado.

I killed evil man once he had given us the information we asked for.

We must now travel through jungle to pick up his trail. I think I will enjoy this!

Feb 26 – March 1

I have not enjoyed this. Jungle is hot and humid. We keep finding bodies of doctor’s group we are tracking. We think little men are killing them with poison darts. American keeps gathering them. I do not know why he does this, maybe he is a collector? Comrade doctor likes to collect buttons, maybe Mikhail should start collection?

We have our own little man. His name is Cheetoe. He is good guide. Well, he was good guide. We came to rope bridge, and Cheetoe fell off into waters below. Priest flew after him, but could not find the body. Same thing almost happened to Mikhail, but my comrades saved me! I should do something nice for them to thank them. Hope I don’t forget.

While priest was flying he spotted building in the distance. We went in that direction.  Building is big temple. English woman says she has seen one like it once before. I asked snake about temple. He said he saw humans go in, some come out.

Tomorrow we will go in.






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