MA – Feb 24, 1897

MA – Feb 24, 1897

Today was interesting day!

After saving priest and children we receved golden statue of man with very large peenis. I think English lady is keeping it. That ok with me. I myself have no use for peenis statue. After this we get job to look for dirt digging doctor and fiansay. I go with fancee man to bar where doctor is seen last. Man there is of little help, tells us to come back later. Lots of stray cats outside. Maybe they see something? I don’t like cats…only talk to as last resort.

I do not like cats

After this we go to hotel where doctor is living. We find a note in his room that make us think he with other dirt digging doctor. Break into other dirt digging doctor’s room. Find trap. Nothing else.

I talk to cats…no help…still do not like them.

Night comes and we go to bar. Comrade Doctor gives me a new drink I never hear of, Absynth. Is green! I like very it much. Makes me feel taller, or makes everyone shorter. Doctor suggest I teach everyone Russian dance. This is great idea! I dance for bar, and make many friends and tell them of my travels in the frozen north! My comrades need me so I join them. They tell me bad man is at nearby table, need me to make friends with them. This is perfect job for Mishka!

Drink is green!

I try to make friends with people at table. I offer Absynth drink. They seem to not like. One attacks me with nife. I don’t like this, make it very hot so he have to drop it. After this, several of them explode in fire. Very strange. I meet my friends in alley where they have top bad man. He tells us everything we want to know. I offer to eat him, silent man stabs him first. Bad man not dead yet, so fancee man kills him. I am no longer wanting to eat him.

All in all, great day!

Source: Tyler’s Personal Feed

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