Life is Feudal Going Native – New NPCs?

Life is Feudal launched a teaser trailer today that alludes to the long anticipated NPC feature that is centered around natives, which were originally supposed to be found underground. From the looks of the trailer these dudes aren’t going to be hiding in your mines or tunnels exclusively.

Coming Soon: The Natives are Restless – Life is Feudal: MMO

The new arrivals seem to have spared no time in establishing themselves as the land’s lords and ladies – and even kings and queens! Perhaps, however, the original inhabitants will make an appearance… NPC Natives coming soon.Keep an eye out for updates!

Posted by Life is Feudal on Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The LiF MMO has suffered significant population drop off, but with the addition of NPCs, things may be looking up. The Developers have promised a big May update and this just might be it. The trailer says, “Coming Soon,” so that doesn’t mean much at this point, but if they follow through on the promise to pull people back in by the end of May then soon may really mean soon. Time will tell if it’s enough to bring players back to the game.

If you’re looking for a community to game with in Life is Feudal, Silver Sun Republic and still have a presence, arguably one of the more stable communities as well, so check them out. 

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