How to Assemble: Dark Imperium Primaris Space Marine Models

Get a jump on your adversaries by checking out this video from Games Workshop on how to assemble the Space Marine Primaris models included in the Dark Imperium game set.  Cut down on having to figuring out how to assemble your new models, so you can spend more time dominating your adversaries.

Dark Imperium releases on 17 June 2017 with a whole day of games, how-to-play, and even a ‘Feast with Friends’ to give you a chance to share battle reports and figure out strategies with the brand new edition of Warhammer 40K.

Check out the Facebook Event here.

Here’s a breakdown of the schedule of events related to the Warhammer 40K: 8th Edition Boot Camp:

17th of June
3:00 PM – Q&A on future ITC events at MGS, MGS Team
5:00 PM – Feast with friends and talk about your 1st 8th edition games.

24th of June
Break for 30K narrative event.

1st of July
12:00 PM – Information on the Global Narrative 8th edition campaign.

2nd of July
1200 PM – Narrative campaign will tentatively start.

This will also kick off our Narrative Campaign, the Fate of Konor.


With the release of Warhammer 40K: 8th Edition you may need to rework your army a bit.  That’s why we’re offering 15% off Warhammer 40K in the store every day!  Stop by and get what you need to make your army 8th Edition ready.

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