El Paso’s Warhammer 40K Team Sex Panthers Crushes the Competition at Las Vegas Open

El Paso, your Warhammer 40K team CRUSHED it at the Las Vegas Open, plain and simple.  All 6 team members put up some serious numbers and pushed ahead of a very difficult field of competitors.  Every member played solid matches and conducted themselves professionally even when the competition didn’t want to extend the same respect, which speaks volumes for the character and quality of the team.  I was lucky enough to observe several of the matches and even witnessed several occasions where Sex Panther Team Members were helping their opposition understand the game more.  Not all of the gamers who showed up to LVO were ready for that level of competition, but many of them who played the team walked away having gained something from their experience which is the kind of positive competitive play we’re working to encourage throughout the community.

Not only did everyone place well when the dust had settled, but many of them walked away as top LVO faction winners with Jonathan Camacho snatching the top ITC (the entire circuit!) and LVO General for Genestealers.  William Abilez placed the highest in the tournament coming in at 7th after putting up with some incredibly tough matches and won the Top General award at LVO for the Tau.  Zeus Mendizabal came incredibly close to snagging top Dark Eldar General coming in at 12th overall and a very strong, very tight, very close second (we’re talking 5 points and 2 places) for that top General spot.  Jonathan Camacho additionally placed 14th overall.  Coming in at 17th and walking away with Top Chaos Space Marines General at LVO in addition to winning out his Rogue Trader Tournament Group was Vincent Arroyo.  Jason Byrd won Top LVO General for Renegade Knights coming in at 102nd and Mikey Leno pushed above a 50% W/L record to place 168th putting the entire time within the top half of the total competition.

Throughout the weekend the team was in great condition constantly supporting each other and performing like a real squad of guys who were there to compete with victory in mind.

Military Gamer Supply was proud and happy to sponsor the attendance of the team at Las Vegas Open and invites everyone to join us again next year.  If you can’t wait until then, definitely join us each month as we host our own local ITC.  If you think you’ve got what it takes you can join us at the El Paso Comic Con coming up on 21 through 23 April for tournaments to include a Grand ITC to chase them gains and lock down some points to keep you in the running for Top General for your faction.

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