A Bard’s Guide Issue IV

Hello fellow survivors! I know it’s been awhile since I’ve written an issue of A Bard’s Guide, but things have been hectic for the Enusa Liberation Front (ELF) as of late.

When last I left you, we had just escaped the mines to the east of Balmora. The memory of eight legged, multi-eyed, hairyness still assails my dreams… Upon returning to the city, we reported in to Captain Darkeyes. Quest complete! He then informed us of the missing Archmage who had left to go on an expedition of the ruins of Gometra. Quest Accepted! Gometra will not appear on your map as of yet, and I highly suggest you not try to find it until I’ve had a chance to publish its dangers.

We left and headed towards the ruined city. We camped out in an area which is known as the Bad Lands. In the middle of the night we saw a wandering blue light. Curiosity did not kill this Dragonborn, but it did age it 10 years. You see, the blue wandering light was in fact, a g-g-g-ghost!

The g-g-g-ghost let out a deathly wail, forcing a wisdom saving throw, and caused fear. My roll was poor, I failed the DC by 5 or more, and I aged 10 years as well as being terrified!

Though I think I look more distinguished, my back aches sometimes and I no longer understand this generation. I would recommend not getting close to a ghost if you have a poor wisdom score. It also has the possession ability. We were lucky enough to avoid this, but I imagine using our comrades bodies to attack us would have been bad… 

Other than that, the ghost was slain with relative ease. It does have resistance to just about all damage, save force and radiant, but it only has around 40 hit points, and an AC of 11 or lower.

The Next challenge we faced on our way to Gometra was the Wemic. A half-man half-lion race, they demanded a tribute of 10 percent of our “trade.” As our trade as adventurers is monster slaying, they demanded we take the chieftain’s son on a monster slaying expedition. We agreed and left straight away to fight the Wemic’s enemies.

50% Man 50% Lion, 100% BA

Turns out the Wemic don’t like their Ogre and Minotaur neighbors so much, for that’s who we were sent after.

Now, Ogres often appear intimidating, but they aren’t really all that bad. They only have one attack, and a terrible AC at 11. They have a decent amount of HP, about 60. They also hit kind of hard, but they are slow and dumb. Focus them down one at a time, and don’t let them do the same to you. 

Next, we faced a mated pair of Minotaur. They hit a bit harder, and they’re a bit quicker. Their AC is about 15, and they have about 80ish hit points. They also have a charge attack which you need to look out for, and they can go reckless, meaning they can gain advantage on their attacks, but you’ll get advantage on your attacks against them.

Once the camp was clear, we burned their crude dwellings, salted the earth, put their heads on pikes, killed their horses, took their women and children as slaves…well not really…but we felt like conquering heroes! At least the little Wemic Prince did.

We spent the night celebrating our victory with the Wemic, and made our way towards Gometra in the morning.

I’m afraid I have to end this issue on a sour note. That day we entered an area known as the Black Heart Caldera. We skirted the edge as much as possible because we were warned that it was dangerous, and it is. While traveling along the northern edge, we ran into another adventuring party. They were on a quest to help all you folks up in Lumino. 

We parted ways to pursue our individual goals, and heard their cries for help minutes later. We rushed as fast as could to see them under attack by Fire Snakes and Large Fire Lizards…Salamanders I’m assuming.

            Now That’s Hot.

The Fire Snakes were easy to dispatch, but there were several of them. They had an AC of 14, and 25 hit points or less. They also had multiple attacks for low damage.

The Salamanders had an AC of 15, and about 100 HP. They have two attacks as well for a good amount of damage. Both creatures were also resistance to physical damage, and their bodies emit heat that will do damage to you if you strike them in melee.

I recommend cold damage and fire resistance if you’re going to be traveling the Black Heart Coldera.

Despite our best efforts, a man who went by the name of Bladelock lost his life that day. He didn’t have a soul stone. Bladelock died a hero. He sacrificed himself pursing the means to put an end to the Bandit King. The assaults on Lumino have claimed the lives of too many of our friends and comrades in arms. ELF is joining the fight against the scourge known as Blackthorne. His end is near, and we will be in the vanguard when the time comes.  

Be safe out there, friends. Make sure you travel with a healer, and a tank, fight together, and watch each others backs. Don’t go into the unexplored wilds without a full, well-rounded, group, and keep reading A Bard’s Guide if you want to know what dangers are out there! 

Thanks for reading!


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