A Bard’s Guide Issue III

Hello Readers! Boy, have we been busy…you may have noticed a new location spring up on your maps recently. The Enusa Liberation Front (ELF), formerly known as the Knights of Inusa, were sent on a quest by his Majesty to secure a mine off to the east of the city. This important mine provides iron for the city. Needless to say, it was of utmost importance that we secure it for the good of the realm!

mineIt took us about two days to reach the mine, it’s about one by horse, and met with the mine foreman. He informed us that after collapsing a wall into a natural cavern, the mines were overrun by giant spiders! This news gave us pause. Now, personally, I find spiders to be…terrifying…and those are the regular sized ones. The thought of giant spiders…that just invokes fear on a whole nother level. However, after taking a few moments we were able to steel ourselves against the thought of facing these hairy, disgusting, multi-appendaged, freaks with the glassy dark pits that are their eyes and when you stare into them you see the empty void of death and despair that is…ah…anyway, I’m sure they’re a very important part of our delicate ecosystem here in the Omega Chronicle.

Shortly after entering the mines, we had our first encounter with a large mosquito looking thing. Known as Stirges, these little jerks hide in the shadows, but we were able to spot them and attack first. So my first piece of advice when in this mine is look up! They are a little difficult to hit, being tiny beasts (AC 14), but if you do manage to strike them you will squash them like the literal bugs they are (hps 4 or less). If they manage to latch on to you and suck your blood, they’ll flee with their ill gotten gains.

We advanced into the next part of the mine where we ran into what we were dreading…these spiders were much larger than most, but not quite “giant,” that would come a bit later. Though we looked for them, we couldn’t spot the eight legged horrors before they descended on us. They attacked in a large group, but we were able to slay quite a few, and the others scattered. Easyish to hit (AC 13) and easy to kill (10 hps), the worst thing about them was their poison attack. Requiring a Con Save of 13 to resist, being poisoned by these beasts puts you at a disadvantage to your attack rolls.

After triumphing over this encounter, we proceeded into the next chamber. Here is where we found the spot the miners broke into the natural cavern and where the spiders had poured out from. Looking up in this room…was a bad idea. It was literally crawling with spiders. Hundreds, if not thousands of them. After confirming this room was infested, but not a danger, we went further into the cavern. South of this chamber was another room filled with treasure, bits of armor, and a magical short sword (+1). After finding this we turned around to discover the infested room was in fact, dangerous. A Giant, much bigger this time, spider descended from the ceiling and was upon us.

Again…this mine has creepy crawlies hiding everywhere. We turned to face our…foe…and in our vigor to get rid of this beast we blew an impressive amount of spells and skills. Probably too many. The Giant Spider only has an AC of 14, and around 30 hps. We killed it quick. I want to stress that if you see this thing, don’t panic and unload everything you have on it. There are far worse things in this mine.

                 Gross and Scary, Kinda Hairy

After dispatching the Giant Spider, we discovered a way down into a lower level in the room to the south. It would require a twenty foot drop through a webbed up passage. Descending into the darkness, we found more treasure, bits of armor, and a few corpses. Our Human Ranger, Dale, also discovered a insignia that let him know these were Drow. Apparently he has some history with them. I’m not quite clear on that part…but he seems to have some sort of grudge against them.

While we were digging around in the ground, the bones started to rise up and attacked us! These undead skeletons wore rusted armor and struck out with rusted swords. Even so, they hit rather hard, but with an AC of 14 or less and only about 10 hps…they were made redead rather easily. 

We continued on to another confrontation with some spiders. After this, we decided we needed to take a long rest before continuing further into the darkness. We had used a lot of our spells and abilities on the Giant Spider, and were being ground down by the smaller encounters. After we had taken our long rest, we went back down into the darkness and trudged along until we came to a large open chamber with a statue of Lolth at the center of it. Dale was able to detect that Drow were lurking about here, and disguised himself as one of them.

He crept through the darkness and eventually they called out to him. He managed to convince them he was one of them, and discovered they had a few Quaggoth with them. That’s when we realized this plan wasn’t thought out all the way through. We waited for Dale to return…and waited…and waited…finally, I decided to use my Mage Hand to carry a torch and pretend I was an invisible person by throwing my voice. One Drow took the bait and shot towards my torch. Once I knew where they were, I unleash a shatter spell on their location.

       Always Room For Gooey Yellow Demon

After that, it was on. We soon found out that the Drow had a priestess with them, and they shot poisoned crossbow bolts at us. Dale was able to cleverly take away their ranged advantage by using a fog cloud to encompass the battlefield. In melee, the Drow were less capable. They have an AC of 15, and have 14 hps or less. The Quaggoth, however, hit very hard with two attacks. Their AC was low at 13, but they had a higher amount of health, about 50 hps. They also seem to frenzy when their health gets low.

The Drow Priestess enhanced her armor and used a terrible viper whip of sorts. When she lashed out with it, it hurt. Her AC was 16 with the shield of faith, 14 without it. She also had about 50 hps. Dale dispatched her with an arrow to the back, but before she went she placed a curse on Dale that would be a headache for all of us…she sent a Demon after him. 

The Demon crawled out of the statue of Lolth. It was a yellow gelatin type looking waxy/goo? and it lashed out for a large amount of poison damage, and it also dominated the mind of our Barbarian, Voss. We threw what we had at it, but it seemed to be resistant to all but magical weapons, and even some forms of magic. It was also immune to poison. Radiant and force damage seemed to do full damage. It had advantage on its spell saves, but only an AC of 14. It had a reach of 10 ft, and also a web attack. After a short time, we were depleted of spells and abilities and were forced to advance to the rear.

We explained to the miners what had happened and camped outside the entrance to the mine, in case that thing emerged. We managed to grab a short rest before it did escape and struck at us again. This time it took the form of a Drow woman before shifting back into a yellow goo. It chose our warrior Vee as the target of its domination, and turned him against the target of the curse, Dale. Dale put the warrior to sleep with a poisoned bolt, but not even that was enough to break the domination effect. Dale then proceeded to run…away…after doing around 100 points of damage to it, the goo turned into a cloud of mist, and escaped.

With it gone, we collapsed a tunnel in the mine, and hopefully cutoff any Drow reinforcements. Unfortunately, the Demon escaped, and I don’t think it’ll rest until it takes down its target, Dale.     

That’s it for this issue, friends, good luck out there, and stay safe!   






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