Dungeons and Dragons – Omega Chronicle: A Bard’s Guide Issue 2

A Bard’s Guide Issue II  

        It didnt have armor, but you get the idea

Good Day Friends! Last I left off, we had just rescued the Captain of the Prince’s Guard. We learned his name was “Dark Eyes.” No, that’s not my pet name for him…that’s his actual name.

Anyway…Dark Eyes…kept watch as we slept off the brutal combat of which we had just partaken…partook?…the combat that had just occurred. Upon awakening, he told us about the horrors that awaited us. A labyrinth of sorts that would test our mental fortitude. Other groups had tried to navigate the puzzles ahead, only to falter and meet a grizzly end. Undeterred, I assured my comrades that we would emerge from the other side of this maze unscathed.

What awaited us was a series of doors and riddles. Outside the first door sat a man and his son. They introduced themselves as Migosh and Lowen, respectfully. Though they appeared human, it was quite clear that they were some sort of illusion used by the maze to deliver the riddles.    

Migosh and Lowen tried their hardest, but they were unable to stump the razor sharp minds of myself and my companions. Until the very last question which…involved…math…relying on math to save ones life is a terrifying experience to be certain…one I hope never to repeat. However, through patience and process of elimination, I was able to ascertain the answer to the riddle. I would share with you the answers to the riddles we faced, but the Captain told us they change and I’d hate to lull you into a false sense of security. Just be forewarned, strength of arms is not the key to triumph here.

After managing to thwart the maze, we came face to face with more blue fiends, which we dispatched. For the stats of these monsters, please refer to the very first issue of A Bard’s Guide, available at the Auction House.

Once this combat ended, we discovered that they had been using player’s Soul Stones as some kind of power source. Dale, our delightful yet impatient Ranger, removed the stones from their pedestals and proceeded through a door that had opened…with the rest of us were unaware that he had blazed ahead.

Through the room, there was a dark, sinister man on a dais with the Prince. He escaped as we came to blows with more Red and Blue Demons, as well as something new. We faced a creature that can only be described as an Undead Minotaur. It had glowing red eyes, and shot Lightning Bolt as a breath weapon. It also had a mark on its chest which caused a Wisdom Saving throw for anyone near it. Failure meant you would become confused. It was a bit difficult to hit (AC 16), but with persistence, we were able to fell the foul beast.

                       Knights of Inusa Org Chart

After the combat had ended, we recovered the Prince and left through a teleportation rune in the back. This part you probably know, but for those who don’t…we traveled with celerity to the City of Light, where we delivered the Prince to the Castle. With great fanfare, the Castle was opened to us, and we were allowed to proceed inside.

We were introduced to the King. He thanked and awarded us for rescuing his son. He also suggested we start a guild of our own, and requested we return in the morning. We set off immediately to start the guild, as per His Majesties instructions.

After much agonizing and debate we settled upon the name: Knights of Inusa (name may change). Come check out our Guild House, and sign up to see if you’ve got the right stuff! Talent and ability in your class are top priority for the guild at the moment, but a positive attitude and fighting spirit are major pluses as well!

We’re also going to need members with good organizational skills to become leaders in the near future. So come join the Knights of Inusa today, and lets survive this together!

That about does it for this issue, good luck and stay safe out there everybody!    


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