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Did You Know? We Have a PC Gaming Community! Two of Them!

If you’re looking for PvP oriented group that values organization and teamwork, then check out the Silver Sun Republic.
A community for current and former US Military; miss the camaraderie you enjoyed while serving or if you’re still serving then this is the place for you.

If you’re a gamer like me then you probably don’t limit yourself to just one platform, genre or form of gaming and love everything from tabletop to card games and video games. Military Gamer Supply was built with all gamers of all walks of life in mind and that includes the Console and PC Gaming crowd!

As we work on rolling out our LAN and E-Sport setup over the next year we want to let you get in on the action right away with two gaming communities that we’ve supported for years before MGS was ever a thing; you might even notice the connection between and what we ended up naming our own store. If you’re a competitive gamer or see yourself as more of a casual player then we’ve got you covered in both communities.

Silver Sun Republic was founded by me, Jeremiah, Tyler and a few others many years ago.  It’s actually going on 15 years or so ever since the Everquest 1 and Ultima Online days and has appeared in many different MMOs since then covering mostly strategy and open PvP conquest sandbox games where we’ve been the core of many different alliances and groups that have dominated servers with the rest of the population rising up to knock us off the top. We’ve done it many different games to include Planetside 1 and 2, Age of Conan, Shadowbane, EVE Online and most famously, Darkfall Online as part of the Kingdom of Hyperion where we conquered 2/3rds of the entire map with the Goons of Something Awful having to literally bribe people with real money to take us down. Now we’re gearing up for Life is Feudal, which is a medieval conquest MMO complete with castle building, siege mechanics, twitch combat and a crafting system with more depth than most of us ever imagined. We host our own servers for games like ARMA III, Life is Feudal: Your Own, GTA: San Andreas Multiplayer, Morrowind Multiplayer Mod and a whole lot more.

You can check out Silver Sun Republic by visiting

Are you current or former military? Do you want to join a community made up of other current and former military members? is your best choice.  A lot of other communities have popped up making the same claim, but MG is the ONLY community that boasts a roster of over 3,200 registrations, 99.5% of which are all military members with the small percentage made up of dependents and longtime gaming buddies. The community provides a close knit support network that has provided several “saves” for service members who are struggling with service connected injuries. If you’re looking for the same level of camaraderie that you associate with your military service, then make sure you check out today.

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