Extra Life Weekend

As many of you know, Extra life is one those events that we look forward to all year. The store will be open for 36 hours; yes I said THIRTY SIX HOURS. If this is your first time out to Extra Life you might want to know how this all works. It’s simple, a quarter get you a re-roll; re-roll as many times as you want because it’s for the kids. Now for Magic it’s going to work a little differently, a quarter gets you a scry, 50 cents gets you a life point and 75 cents get you a land you didn’t have before.

4th of July Sale

That’s right, you didn’t misread that, 20% off ALL PRODUCTS IN STORE.

75 Renowm Age of Sigmar Tournament.

Come down to MGS on 2nd of July and join us for our 1st Age of Sigmar Skirmish Tournament. Build your force following the Skirmish rules, limited to two miniatures with the Hero key word, and you have 75 renown to do it with. Free entree into the event and Pizza will be provided. Registration at 11:30AM […]

Age of Sigmar Gets a New Starter Kit

Not to be out done, Age of Sigmar is getting a new starter box shortly after the massive launch of Warhammer 40K 8th Edition with the goal of making it a breeze to get into Warhammer Fantasy.

Age of Sigmar Path to Glory League Begins!

Military Gamer Supply is hosting a Path to Glory Campaign on Tuesdays at 1900 MST at the El Paso East location.  Participants have already rolled for their starting armies and will be playing matches each week to determine victory points and gifts/rewards to power up their units with should they survive the onslaught.  Each week […]