Extra Life Weekend

As many of you know, Extra life is one those events that we look forward to all year. The store will be open for 36 hours; yes I said THIRTY SIX HOURS. If this is your first time out to Extra Life you might want to know how this all works. It’s simple, a quarter get you a re-roll; re-roll as many times as you want because it’s for the kids. Now for Magic it’s going to work a little differently, a quarter gets you a scry, 50 cents gets you a life point and 75 cents get you a land you didn’t have before.

4th of July Sale

That’s right, you didn’t misread that, 20% off ALL PRODUCTS IN STORE.

Malifaux: Tournament

Gaining Ground 2017 50 soul stone game Number of rounds: •4-15 Attendees: 3 Round Event •16-32 Attendees: 4 Round Event •33+ Attendees: 5 Round Event Time of rounds: 120 minutes Round 1 – Turf War, Standard Deployment •Round 2 – Headhunter, Flank Deployment •Round 3 – Interference, Close Deployment •Round 4 – Extraction, Corner Deployment […]