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Extra Life Weekend

As many of you know, Extra life is one those events that we look forward to all year. The store will be open for 36 hours; yes I said THIRTY SIX HOURS. If this is your first time out to Extra Life you might want to know how this all works. It’s simple, a quarter get you a re-roll; re-roll as many times as you want because it’s for the kids. Now for Magic it’s going to work a little differently, a quarter gets you a scry, 50 cents gets you a life point and 75 cents get you a land you didn’t have before.

Help us make this event better then last year! Now here’s our Schudule:

Event Schedule:

With every purchase will be donating 5% to the El Paso Children Hospital this is our way of giving back to the community that has given, so much to us.


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MGS Presents the Neverwinter Branch of Acquisitions Inc.

Omin Dran has put out the call to adventures to help establish the Neverwinter Branch of Acquisitions Incorporated. If you think you have the mettle and the guts to brave the world of Acquisitions Inc come on down and join us on September 6th at 7 pm for our 1st one shot adventure set in the backdrop of the lovely City of Neverwinter.  Follow all rules from this website to create yourself a 1st or 2nd level character.  Hope to see you all there.

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4th of July Sale

It’s one of our favorite times of the year, that’s right HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA! To celebrate the founding of our nation and those who serve it we are having our first annual 4th of JULY BONANZA! What’s that you may ask? Well it’s simple.
20 % off all products in store. That’s right, you didn’t misread that, 20% off ALL PRODUCTS IN STORE.

Now is the time to pick up that copy of Settlers of Catan you’ve been eyeballin’.

Been thinking about getting into Warhammer 40k, or just starting a new faction. GREAT! Eighth Edition just launched and YOU GET 20% OFF a BRAND NEW RULEBOOK or any new Start Collecting Set.

Looking to fight Dragons and delve into Dungeons? Perfect timing! Grab a D&D Starter Set or any of the core rulebooks this weekend to begin your adventure!

Seen some Magic singles that are just out of your price range? Now’s the perfect time to grab them. Oh and did I mention, we’ve restocked a number of older sets!!! That’s right Theros, Gatecrash, Journey into Nyx, Fate Reforged, Dragons of Tarkir, and more all for the lowest prices in town!
From Friday June 30th to Tuesday July 4th come on into the store and celebrate the founding of our great nation! ‘Merica!

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DM tips with Justin: Character Creation

DM tips with Justin: Character Creation


Welcome back.  Last week we discussed the importance of deciding with your group the type of game that everyone wants to play.  This week we are taking a look at character creation and the impact that a DM has on the process.  First, we will examine the game mechanics angle and why it is important.  Secondly, we will look at how the story will impact some of the characters from the very beginning.  Finally, we will dive into back story and it’s importance as a tool for the DM as well as the players.


The character creation process can be one of the most exciting parts of any pen and paper RPG. The possibilities are endless!  As DM, you must decide the mechanics of generating statistics, starting level, starting equipment.  Some of these could tie into your previous discussion of game type, for example, if you all wanted to play a high power game where all of the players begin at level 10.


The thing that is very important to your players is how you generate ability scores.  Adventurer’s League uses the array or point buy system found in the Players Handbook.  I tend to use this as well as I find it very clear and easy.  Also, it allows my players to create their characters with minimal oversight from me during this step.  Alternatively you can randomly roll stats.  As a DM, I always want to watch my players roll stats just to avoid any shenanigans.   Random ability scores can lead to some very impressive stats.  It can also generate some very poor ones.  There are many different ways to generate random ability scores, so many in fact, that I might have to revisit this in greater detail.  Use whichever systems you like, but I strongly recommend that you watch all random rolls.


The story will impact the character creation process.  If you are playing in a post-apocalyptic setting, it might make sense to limit what classes and races are available. If the aristocracy is the key antagonist, then it might not make sense for a player to have the Noble background.  In our current stream, we are set in a version of 1890’s Earth.  Magic and the supernatural do exist, however, I felt that it would be out of flavor to allow Dragonborne, full blooded Elves, or Half-Orcs to this world.  If the narrative gets to the point where the inclusion of any of these races makes sense, then I will change my mind.  The Internet is full of DM’s that do not allow Monks, feeling that the Eastern Earth flavor does not coincide with a high fantasy game which tends to take its roots from a more European slant.  Try not to limit the players options without a very good reason.  Too much limitation can make the players feel frustrated.  A lot of this should be discussed during the planning session.


One of my favorite parts of character creation is the back story.  Our heroes are undertaking a very perilous existence.  Why would any sane person trade a life of relative safety for adventuring?  The characters are heroes, far beyond the normal person.  They are unique and special.  A well developed back story can offer you as a DM plenty of inspiration to make the player feel more in sync with the world.  Bringing up events and people from the character’s past reinforces the feeling of a living world.  Also, by allowing some flexibility and freedom to your players in character background you are tapping an extra resource for world building.  I like to have my players email me a short back story before we sit down for our first session.  Many times I will elaborate on this to cooperatively create a memorable story before the story, thus creating investment from both myself and the players.


This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Next week: World Building 101.  As always, if you have a topic that you wish me to go over leave a comment.  Tune into the Military Gamer Supply Twitch channel to watch our stream every Monday at 7PM.  Happy Gaming!



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DM tips with Justin

In all of history, only one challenge surpasses all others.  One monumental task that seems impossible.  Only a select few can ever hope to master this challenge: Being a Dungeon Master.

All hyperbole aside, being a Dungeon Master is a very nerve wracking and time consuming task.  In this weekly series​, I will give tips for both aspiring DMs and rpg veterans to help you add more to your campaign. Keep in mind these are tips, not hard and fast rules.

Who am I?  I am a long time D&D player who has been running games for over twenty years.  I started with AD&D and have played all the way to 5e.  I currently run the weekly stream for Military Gamer Supply set in the classic Ravenloft setting, Masque of the Red Death (every Monday at 7pm on the Military Gamer Supply Twitch channel).

There are many things to cover.  I decided to start at the beginning with one simple question: Why?

Do you have a great story in mind? We’re you the only one of your friends willing to DM?  Do you like the idea of playing many different characters at once?  Did your kids get the starter set for Christmas?  Excellent! These are all solid reasons to DM.

Regardless of the specifics, there is one goal for every DM: Facilitate the fun. No matter what your “why” is, fun should be the ultimate goal. Everyone is trying to have a great time with this game, as the Dungeon Master a great deal of that burden falls upon you.  However, as we move into the first tip, you will find that it is not a burden at all.

Tip #1.  Before you start playing, you need to work out with your players the type of game they want to play.  I am not talking only about the setting. Do you want to play a silly game where even the characters names are jokes? Or perhaps a more serious game about the ramifications of war.  The goal is for you and your players to have the same idea in mind as you craft the story.  Know the answers of what you would like to get out of running the campaign from the very beginning.  Failure to have a clear idea in mind can lead to a bad overall experience.  If you want a serious noir style game and one of your players shows up with Facepunch the Buttkicker, Lord of Smasha Town, someone is not going to be having fun.

Some things to consider:
Setting (Traditional Fantasy or SciFi for example)
Serious v Silly
High magic v Low Magic
Combat Driven v Story Driven
How often will you play?
How long for each session?
Player against player actions
House rules (no cell phones at the table for example)

If you have a clear idea of the type of game you would like, it makes it easier for your players to fit in.  You may need to compromise a little bit on some issues which is fine.  Table top gaming requires communication and compromise like any other relationship.

Now that you have worked out they type of game that you will run, it is time to get into the meat of it all.  Next week I will be discussing character creation and the role of the DM in that process.  If you want me to go over a specific topic, comment below.  Thanks for reading, and Happy Gaming.