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Help Us Design the Gaming Hardware of the Future

We’re part of an AMAZING opportunity to have direct input on a brand new line of gaming hardware that will be produced by a new up and coming company.  They want to hear from you on what makes a great keyboard, mouse and headset.  We’re helping them gather data and you can have a direct line to the design team by filling out this simple survey.

This is a first run survey that is meant to gather some initial feedback, but there will be more follow up surveys that allow you to get as detailed as you want in what your dream gaming peripherals would look like.  They already have hardware in development for things like power and USB cables as well as routers with many more lines rolling out all the time.

We should have some demo products available to you shortly on their existing hardware lines and soon you’ll be able to purchase them right from our brick and mortar shop and the online store.  We’re excited for this new partnership and we hope you join us in providing feedback to produce the best, next generation of gaming hardware.

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Discord, Now With More Discord! And Bots

Hey all,

We’ve taken another step in integrating our website with our social media presence, specifically, Discord which is our voice and community platform that can accessed from a web browser, desktop client or phone app.  You can check out Discord by visiting  It will open a landing page from which you can install the app or client and log in directly to our server after logging in or registering a new account.

Other cool features include the ability to push notifications like this article to the app and we’ve also integrated Discord into our channel so that you can click directly on the notification and it will take you to the stream in progress.  We’re also working to display Discord chat during our livestreams so that you can interact directly with the players who are playing the game you’re watching.  It’s all part of our effort to bring everyone together whether they’re at home or in our store.