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Brand New Webstore and MAJOR Updates Coming Soon (September 2019)

We go back and forth over how to best operate the store and our online presence in order to avoid watering down what we provide our customers. I think we’ve finally reached a good place in between to take advantage of selling online to better serve our community. We have a lot of different threads we’re currently pulling on to bring together a whole new gaming experience that empowers the community to put on competitive, narrative and learning campaigns across any of the major game systems we support and even those we don’t or don’t yet.

The main change that is coming about is the way we’re selling on our website and presenting information.

You can see the simplified layout with icons for each of the specialty pages for each game system. You’ll also be able to browse our entire selection by category on the right to jump right in.

Each game system will have a Community Page where Tournament and Event Organizers will be able to coordinate and advertise events to the community. Leagues can share league news and really tailor the experience to their game system. The Products Page will allow you to shop based on your particular faction, unit type or launch our Army Builder which will let you first build your list and then drag and drop products onto your Army List to ensure you’re getting the best deal for that new list you’re working towards. We are also launching a new financing system that won’t require crazy interest rates or fees, but will let you save up for or piece out your bigger purchases so you can get your hands on your new army sooner. Each game will also have an Introduction Page that will be filled with galleries, videos, guides and other content to give you a sense of what the game is all about. We’re also going to add some “stats” to the icons so you’ll be able to see how many players, how advanced or complex the ruleset is and a few other data points so you can get into the right game for you and your friends and family. The board games will really take advantage of this tagging system.

We are also working on a “Welcome to MGS” system that will tie into the community features quite a bit. You will launch a quest or an adventure as a new customer with MGS and you’ll be able to get in on the fun at events when we do stuff like El Paso Comic Con and Soldier Con. The quest will show you around our website and invite you into the store for some other special events and even lead you around El Paso to some of our partners in the city. You’ll be able to unlock quest rewards as you do certain things like “like” our Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Twitch and gain bonuses for attending in-store events. Already existing customers will also be able to get in on it. It’s all coming as part of our complete revamp of the store.

We’ve been messing around with Pre-Orders through Games Workshop a bit and so far we’ve found a system that we like, so that implementation will start sooner than the rest of the site. You’ll see us rolling out core game systems first and then focus elsewhere. Our goal is to add value to your experience with us and do it without creating any new headaches for anyone.

On top of that we’re also working on our own game that you’ll start seeing more about coming up soon. The Dungeons and Dragons custom campaign we’re running with the KLAQ Morning Show is also getting its own page because we want to continue to support that effort and introduce people to the wonder that is D&D. You can join us in the store or online at on July 11th at 5 PM Mountain for the next iteration of one crazy adventure with a custom campaign about El Paso.

All of this is going to come with a whole slew of new features and other things we’ll be sharing over the next few months until it hits. Expect Fall of 2018 to bring some MAJOR updates to MGS in the future.

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Sidewinder GT Coming SOON – Sign Up and Register on BCP

Sign Up for the GT

As we get closer to the event of the season here in El Paso for the Warhammer 40K community, we’d like to remind everyone about a few things. First, we’re still open with registration and you can register below in the article for your convenience. Once you’ve done that, make sure you register for the Sidewinder GT in Best Coast Pairings. If you need help, you can call the store at (915) 219-8660 and we will be happy to help you get set up. We don’t have any painting requirements for this event, so take advantage of that because we may not be offering it again and want some of our newer players to have a chance to get in on the fun.If you’re concerned about food, one of our culinary inclined members, Zeus will be providing some amazing BBQ.

From Zeus:

Hi everyone! I’ll be catering the Side Winder G.T 2018 event for lunch on Saturday!! I get down with food, it’s going to be awesome!! $10.00 a full plate, Cash or Paypal only.

The Menu:
Texas style smoked brisket
Marinaded BBQ’d Chicken thighs
Cheddar & bacon twice baked potatoes
Zeus’s BBQ baked beans w/ bacon, Sausage, and Brisket.

He’s not lying either, in fact we may have some extra bystanders for the tournament just to get in on the lunch.

If you haven’t purchased entry yet, you can do so by buying your entry here:

In case you need a refresher on the rules and schedule, here ya go:

– 2,000 Points, ITC army build requirements
– 5 rounds of play, 2.5 Hour rounds
– $30 entry
– No new material will be allowed after June 15th 2018.

Day 1 – Saturday
10:00am – 10:45am Registration
10:45 Opening Announcements
11:00 – 1:30 Round 1
1:30 – 2:30 Lunch
2:30 – 5:00 Round 2
5:15 – 7:45 Round 3

Day 2 – Sunday
12:00 – 2:30 Round 4
2:30 – 3:30 Lunch
3:30 – 6:00 Round 5
6:15 Closing Announcements and Awards

Every player will leave with something.

We hope to see everyone at the GT!

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New Look, More to Come — StrategyBro and More!

I stream throughout the week and often times Friday/Saturday evenings, so join me for some heckling, Struggle Bus riding, and random shenanigans at Give me a follow and help me build my Empire, muahahahaha!

I’m always updating things. It’s just a habit of mine, so the latest and greatest is that I have a new logo and on top of that one of the artists that created RunningSilent’s artwork is now working on mine as well. I’m over 50 followers on Twitch, but I did some off schedule streams with lower average viewers, so I need to boost my count up a bit to get Affiliate. Mr_Ohnny and I are also working on some tips and tricks to getting to Affiliate status so you all can avoid the pitfalls that both of us experienced as our streams grow and we reach the next plateau in the livestreaming world.

That’s a slick looking logo if I’ve ever seen one.

Now that has its feet under it in terms of Livestreaming, the next effort is the building phase. We’ve figured out some of the hurdles and barriers to entry so that has enabled us to develop a game plan for the future. There are a ton of moving parts that are coming together and activity has increased over the past few weeks. The building phase will focus less on building infrastructure and more on content.

  1. Identify partners and build infrastructure
  2. Build Content
  3. ?????
  4. Profit

This one doesn’t involve underpants… or does it?

You may have also noticed that this site has come into being and that Military Gamer Network now has its own site as well. You may even be reading this article from that site because of how our content distribution works. We began with Livestreamers, but we’re moving on into overall Content Generation. MGN has a section for Livestreamer Setup and soon it will have a section for content generation to include hosting other people’s blogs, twitch profiles and other content. The idea is to take content and replicate it as many times as we can generating more exposure for MGN and all of our contributors. That leads me to my next point about how StrategyBro is going to take off.

Now that I can focus on content itself, I’ll be working on Battle Reports, Game Reviews, general philosophical debates on things that don’t matter and maybe some that do. We already do the Sunday SITREP to cover the upcoming week, but I’d also like to recap and review games we’ve been playing as a community and tackle some controversial topics. I also want to take all of that brain space that has been taken up by what I’ve learned in the military and apply it to video games. As my fellow MG members continue to make obvious to me, I’m StrategyBro, this ain’t TacticalBro, but then again, there are so few military brains out there applying some of these higher order concepts to open ended games like Life is Feudal, Squad, Planetside 2 or any of the traditionally Tactical FPS games. Most open PvP sandbox games are designed to allow for a Strategic mindset, but unless the group or community is prepared to function at that level, most decisions are still made tactically in time and space. We’re hoping to change that through the StrategyBro stream and bring some higher order discussion to the multiplayer games we play.

See, we even have an image overlay for them!

Keep your eyes open for our new contributors and the content generation we’re going to be bringing to you on a weekly schedule. As we get settled in, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to make your mark and grow your own brand within our network.

Tune in Sundays at 7PM Central on, or for the Sunday SITREP with Brando and Moxie to catch LIVE updates on your favorite community. 

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PvP Arena Round 1 in Conan Exiles — 2 June 18

We’re kicking off the PvP Arena that we’ve spoken about recently in style with competitors from around the Military Gamer Network. member, BabyFaceJohn is hosting the event on the Conan Exiles server starting at 1900 Eastern on Saturday, June 2nd. Gear will be provided to ensure everyone is in a standard fighting kit and the prize for the event has been described as “exquisite,” so we’ll see exactly what that means on Saturday.

If you’re interested in checking out the game you find out more on it’s Steam Store Page and by tuning in to the channel on Saturday to see one of our network streamers coming to you LIVE with the ongoing action. Why watch it when you can jump in and join the fun?

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Life is Feudal Going Native – New NPCs?

Life is Feudal launched a teaser trailer today that alludes to the long anticipated NPC feature that is centered around natives, which were originally supposed to be found underground. From the looks of the trailer these dudes aren’t going to be hiding in your mines or tunnels exclusively.

The LiF MMO has suffered significant population drop off, but with the addition of NPCs, things may be looking up. The Developers have promised a big May update and this just might be it. The trailer says, “Coming Soon,” so that doesn’t mean much at this point, but if they follow through on the promise to pull people back in by the end of May then soon may really mean soon. Time will tell if it’s enough to bring players back to the game.

If you’re looking for a community to game with in Life is Feudal, Silver Sun Republic and still have a presence, arguably one of the more stable communities as well, so check them out. 

Head on over to for more gaming news and to check out more about our gaming communities.

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20 May 2018 – SITREP – What Are We Up To?

Streaming LIVE on Sundays at 7 PM Central / 6 PM Mountain at

Tonight at 7 PM Central on, and we’ll be covering a few different topics for MGS, and Silver Sun Republic. We figured we would take you through some of our current active branches and show off what some of our members have been up to, primarily the members playing Conan Exiles and the coliseum they’ve built for some PvP ladders coming soon.

PvP in Conan Exiles

The Stygians are serious about their competitive sports.

The ladder and arena style Player vs Player combat will be starting up soon for and Silver Sun Republic on the MG Exiles server being hosted on’s dedicated server where members can request games to be installed for use by the community.

Open areas perfect for slaughtering people or a wide list of "things."

Open areas perfect for slaughtering people or a wide list of “things.”

The server has pitted SSR and MG against each other to compete for PvE progression, but now the time has come to take the gloves off and get some arena and event style PvP going to see who is the Champion in Conan Exiles.

Fight in style and enjoy some fabulous interior decorating.

The arena is functional, but it’s also a cool place to hang out thanks to CaptMoxie and BabyFaceJohn spending some time getting things arranged. Conan Exiles has access to a wide variety of fixtures and furniture to personalize your home, or your torture chamber, whichever floats your boat or pulls your trigger.

Well, when you stop sweeping the place, the dust does tend to build up.

Not only does the arena serve as a place to fight, but it can also be a nice hangout spot in between events or to bring the community together to enjoy a nice tavern ambiance. It’s up to you whether you’ll just remain a spectator or jump in and get bloodied in the area. Either way, the game offers an opportunity for the community to come together and spend some time in virtual space together.

Content Suggestions

We’re getting links to things from people from time to time and that’s awesome, it’s greatly appreciated. Feel free to send it to any one of our Social Media platforms, on Discord as a Direct Message or share it on the MG forums. We’ll take that content, talk about it and share it with the rest of the community. We’re here for you!

Get Involved

Join us on Twitch and Discord so you can be part of the show!

We’ll be chatting directly on or on any of the community Discord channels.

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Conan Exiles on What Are We Playing Now?

If you haven’t had a chance to check it out during Early Access, I highly recommend Conan Exiles. The game takes the concept of Ark and smashes it into the world of Conan the Barbarian. It has it all from base building to NPC followers called Thralls that you can put in the Wheel of Pain that Conan was pushing in a circle from the movies (you have to break their will somehow!). The game also features siege mechanics, clans, quest lines, dungeons, climate effects, twitch style combat, in depth crafting and a whole lot more. Then again, you’re probably better off just watching the launch trailer below:

The Military Gamer Network is hosting a server for Conan Exiles and you can get all the details on our Discord through or Silver Sun Republic.

In order to qualify for membership you must be current or former US Military.


Silver Sun Republic

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MGS Does D&D El Paso Alternate Reality Style

Join us Saturday, the 12th of May at MGS – 1121 Larry Mahan Drive, Suite A, El Paso, TX 79925 – for a LIVE session of D&D played by Brandon from the KLAQ Morning Show and several MGS staff being DM’d by Justin Del Valle. Here’s a little teaser for you from the setting, which is an alternative future reality of El Paso:

As James slinked his way down the mountainside he pondered to himself what would await him across the next ridge. He had heard plenty of stories about Concordia, of its shady dealings and checkered past; yet shady dealings meant possible payouts and James was hungry for his next haul. What greeted James did not disappoint his sense of adventure.

Rising up into the mountains was what looked like a sprawling monastery completely out of place for this part of the world, but he valued oddities like this and that generally meant an equally eccentric clientele, or in his mind, targets. He pulled out his looking glass to get a better sense of just who and perhaps, what, he was up against. A peculiar choice of art graced the facades of most of the towers, or perhaps it lent itself to the purpose of this complex; a mining pick. That meant one thing in his mind, precious metals. Was this an elaborate mining complex where they unearthed buried treasures? At the very least, something of this size would at least have a safe or two stocked full of coin that could find its way into his possession.  As he scanned the multitude of buildings he noticed something humanoid; well, in shape, maybe not in size to which he was generally accustomed. Dwarves. Of course, it had to be dwarves, the inventors of the modern home security system.

Okay, this could be a good thing he mused to himself. Dwarves are generally a good sign of things stashed away and possibly forgotten, so it may not be immediately missed, whatever it is he decided to pilfer from their inventory. He scanned desperately looking for a warehouse or the very least a mine entrance so he could track the sweet pay dirt to its place of safe keeping. Books, books and more books. No one is carrying any crates or pushing any carts. This is all wrong, this can’t be right. Then it hit him, this isn’t a mine, this is a university, a place of useless learning, not of the sweet gold stuff or the glittery glory of gems or jewels. Well, maybe I can still make off with some of the tuition he resigned himself to plotting. He let out a sigh, “oh well, I’ve heard at least they have good tequila.” James made his way down the mountain to find the nearest tavern and plot his next move.

Join us in our new alternate world, the creation of Justin and Brandon as a campaign setting for Dungeons and Dragons. Show up, cheer us on and save 10% on Dungeons and Dragons manuals, miniatures and dice sets. Check it out on


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Starting Your Own Business – Preview for 29 April 2018 Weekly SITREP

Streaming LIVE on Sundays at 7 PM Central / 6 PM Mountain at

This week we talked about epic Veteran entitlement fails and re-enlistments gone wrong. We were also treated to updates from some of the branches and talked about what was going on at Military Gamer Supply ( in El Paso and what Silver Sun Republic was up to as a community. We got some good insight into EVE and Life is Feudal, which I still highly recommend if you’re looking for some group PvP on a grand scale. One game will give you your Sci-Fi fix and the other will scratch that Medieval hardcore combat itch.

What I’m MOST excited about and it sounds like folks are getting geared up to hear about are the plethora of resources available for Veterans looking to start their own business whether it is your hobby or a full blown retail chain. I’m going to talk about my own experiences and significant mistakes in starting Military Gamer Supply, so that you don’t have to go through them yourselves. I’ll give you a look into the world of Small Business Ownership and guide you in the right direction after I’ve stepped on just about every commercial land mine that was out there.

We’ll also hear from the branches around the community again and see if anyone got up to any good fights in EVE or Life is Feudal.

I’ll also finally be around to start doing some Saturday Night Ops soooon (about 2 weeks away!) when we get our hands around some ARMA 3 goodness.

On one last and final note, I have some keys to give away for Defiance 2050, which is a new MMO from Trion Worlds entering beta on PC, Xbox and Playstation this weekend. I’ll be giving them away on Discord, so make sure you join the Discord server via and claim yours! Limited quantities of course.

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Memberships Have Been Revamped!

We’ve changed the way our memberships work on the online store. Now they’ve been streamlined to serve you better. We have also begun working to completely rework the webstore and focus on specific game systems to help you gain better access to pre-ordering and figuring out what you need for your next tournament, future army or open play.

We hope you’ll continue to support us the way you all always have and here’s to many more years of building a great community of gamers.

Check it out at

You can get a FREE membership that is used to stay informed with newsletters, sales and other sweet offerings. We also have a Military membership that only requires you to show proof of service and gets you 5% off. On top of that we have Bronze, Silver and Gold that will earn you up to 10% off on in store and select online store purchases. We’re also adding some digital subscription service features and working to improve our membership program with additional content all the time.

Consider a membership with Military Gamer Supply today and help us continue to build an amazing place for gamers to game the way they want.