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75 Renowm Age of Sigmar Tournament.

Come down to MGS on 2nd of July and join us for our 1st Age of Sigmar Skirmish Tournament.

Build your force following the Skirmish rules, limited to two miniatures with the Hero key word, and you have 75 renown to do it with. Free entree into the event and Pizza will be provided. Registration at 11:30AM and 1st games will begin at 12:00PM.


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Malifaux: Tournament

Gaining Ground 2017
50 soul stone game

Number of rounds:
•4-15 Attendees: 3 Round Event
•16-32 Attendees: 4 Round Event
•33+ Attendees: 5 Round Event

Time of rounds:
120 minutes

Round 1 – Turf War, Standard Deployment
•Round 2 – Headhunter, Flank Deployment
•Round 3 – Interference, Close Deployment
•Round 4 – Extraction, Corner Deployment
•Round 5 – Stake a Claim, Close Deployment

Link to supporting document:

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Greetings everyone I wanted to release our schedule for upcoming set, so everyone could get a head start. We’ll be taking preorders for the prerelease for HoD starting today it will cost 20$ and can be paid in store. We’ll have 72 spots and will be hosting a Midnight event on the 7th. Then if we have any kits left we’ll be hosting one on the 7th at 2:00 PM and so on and so forth throughout the day.

Set Name: Hour of Devastation

Block: Set 2 of 2 in the Amonkhet Block

Number of Cards: 199

Magic Open House: July 1-2, 2017: Entree: Free

Prerelease Events: July 8-9, 2017: Entree 20$

Release Date: July 14, 2017:

We’ll be taking pre-orders for boxes at 95.99$ a box until the release then it will go back to $99.99

Draft Weekend: July 15-16, 2017

Standard Showdown Begins: July 22, 2017

Game Day Weekend: August 5-6, 2017

Magic Online Launch: July 10, 2017

On Sale in Magic Online: July 14, 2017

Pro Tour Date: July 28-30, 2017

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Membership Program Changes Are Here!

Changes are coming to memberships, oh wait, they’re here!

We’re Leveling Up Your Membership.

If you have a membership you have received a notice that your membership is being cancelled, but don’t worry! We’re replacing it with a brand new system that is completely integrated with our website and our brand new webstore that is going to let us do some pretty cool stuff.

Like what? Let me do a sweet, table doodad that will highlight ALL THE THINGS!

  • Make Reservations for our Tavern Room or Spaceship Simulator online
  • Use your membership discounts on select online purchases
  • Access Member Only areas to participate in Narrative Campaigns
  • Get Exclusive Access to new projects and our own Game Development
  • Purchase Member Only T-Shirts and the Swaggiest of the Swag!
  • Sell your Armies, Miniatures or Gamer Gear Online & Offline through us
  • Whaaaaat? That sounds pretty awesome, right? So how do I get in on this hotness?

Get in on the new hotness.

Either go to our webstore at to see all the new products as they’re added daily or go directly to the memberships section at

What about my current subscription?

We’re calculating all the days you currently have left and as soon as you sign up for your replacement subscription we’ll add those on top. As a bonus, for those folks who deployed and didn’t turn off your subscriptions, well, we get it, we’re going to add extra time on top of your subscription when you get back. This is also a chance to turn it off in case you forgot.

Let us know if you’re not satisfied with the transition and we’ll do whatever it takes to make it right. We’re hoping that when you see the new system you’ll totally understand why this is a better way of doing things.

Thanks for being awesome!

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Raise Up to $1,000, Possibly Even More For Your Store Team!

We have been approached with the offer to volunteer at two events to raise funds to spend however we wish and we’ve decided to open it up to you to help earn some extra cash for your favorite store team.

From the event organizers:

“The first event is Street Fest, and we are looking for a team of 10 volunteers to work Friday, June 23rd, and Saturday, June 24th from 4pm to 12am to assist in serving alcoholic and/or non-alcoholic beverages at different stations. If your team chooses to do so, you can set up shifts for multiple volunteers so the same 10 people aren’t having to work 8 hours straight.
If you decide to work the alcohol serving station, you will need a team of 10 members working at once for the entire time. You will be compensated with a $1,000.00 paycheck towards your organization or to split among your team as you see fit.
If you decide to work the non-alcoholic drink serving station, you will only need a team of 5 volunteers for the whole day, and will be given $750.00 towards your organization or to split among your team as you see fit.

All volunteers must be 18 years of age or older.

We are looking for as many as three teams, so if you’d like to work both stations, or have enough volunteers to work multiple stations at once, that is more than acceptable. Furthermore, any tips that you make during the event you can keep to do with as you see fit.

The Second event, taking place July 2nd, is the Ice Cream Festival. We are looking for any number of volunteers to work one or both shifts, being 12pm-4pm, or 4pm-8pm. If your team chooses to work the 4pm-8pm shift, each member will receive a $25 check for their time and efforts.

For both events,all volunteers will receive complimentary meals, drinks, entrance to said events, and a t-shirt (and other things) for their help.”

Please contact us via Facebook or in the store to let us know you want to volunteer so we can get you signed up.  We need to know ASAP.  Volunteer hours will be split proportionally among the teams, so for example, if Warhammer 40K provides 80% of the time, then 80% of the funds raised go to them.  Funds will be used for prize support, travel and entry fees.  These funds will be set aside and added on top of money already dedicated by MGS to support sponsored teams.

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Warhammer 40K 8th Edition Release Happening Right Now!

40k opening day at MGS.

Posted by Military Gamer Supply on Saturday, June 17, 2017

We’ve got the store filled with Warhammer 40K players tearing through the new rulesets and figuring out how they’re going to develop their armies to dominate the battlefield.  You should join them!  Now’s the perfect time to get in on one of the most popular sci-fi, scalable, epic game systems brought to you by Games Workshop.  Taking feedback from years of crushing the competition in the world of miniature gaming, they’ve listened to fans and witnessed the success of revamping the rules for Warhammer Age of Sigmar to give you a brand new take in this latest edition.

If you’ve ever been intimdated by the rules or the price tag, then have no fear because Warhammer 40K is more accesible than ever with a lighter ruleset and a scalable system that will work with small scale skirmishes up to unfathomable point totals in sprawling apocalypse games.

Come check out the store and get in on the release day fun even if you don’t have an army of your own, you can easily pick a loaner army and start learning or dive right in with the Dark Imperium starter set that is a steal at it’s current price.  Oh, and to make things even better, you get 15% off on all Games Workshop products in the store, so it’s easier than ever to jump in and start playing.

Get 15% Off all this awesome stuff to get you started on Warhammer 40K: 8th Edition Today!
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Age of Sigmar Gets a New Starter Kit

Not to be out done, Age of Sigmar is getting a new starter box on 24 June called “Thunder and Blood” shortly after the massive launch of Warhammer 40K 8th Edition with the goal of making it a breeze to get into Warhammer Fantasy.

According to the posts and mailer that Games Workshop has been sending out, the kit features:

– 44 stunning citadel miniatures cast in coloured plastic and easy-to-build
– 96 pages of rules, background and painting – get involved in the Mortal Realms right away
– Play right out of the box with scenery, a playmat and dice.
– Amazing value of two full armies for the price of a Start Collecting! box

Not only do you get a ton more models for the price of two Start Collecting boxes, but you also get a playmat, some dice and a sweet book that doesn’t just cover rules; it will also get you started on painting and includes plenty of lore driven goodness for those of us who love the fluff that comes with the Warhammer universe.

On top of the starter box, there are also two new sets of miniatures sold separately that are being released to coincide with Thunder and Blood include:

Khorgos Khul & Bloodsecrator
Vandus Hammerhand


For Pre-Ordering any items in this set, stop by Military Gamer Supply on or before Monday, the 19th of June and let us know so we can make sure to order what you want and have it on hand in time for the release.  Thanks and happy gaming!

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Brand New Webstore Coming Soon!

We’ve been working on our webstore slowly, but surely and here we are, almost ready to unveil it to the world.  It will enable us to do a whole lot more and make your ability to shop Military Gamer Supply from anywhere while online.  This will impact several of our services and help make them more readily available to you and those who don’t know they’re die hard MGS fans quite yet.  This exciting new online buyer’s paradise will allow us to fully integrate our memberships to bring you more online, exclusive content, including new downloadable content for things like custom D&D or other rule system campaigns written by some of our store sponsored DMs.  We’re thrilled to be able to start offering you new options for reserving our premium game rooms, Artemis Spaceship Simulator and even schedule time with your favorite DM to host your next adventure to celebrate a special occasion or just ‘cuz.

Want to schedule a painting class for you solo or with a group of friends?  We’ll be able to bring you that and make it nice and easy through our website.  Want to get more out of your membership by registering or checking in for tournaments or events without having to come into the store?  We can do that!  We can also offer narrative campaigns through our website where you can report results and manage army lists, react to special campaign events by voting or managing your planet or province as part of a Governorship system.  There are so many more options available to us with our new webstore and we want to make sure you’re ready for it.

Those who have existing memberships will receive cancellation notices as we drop our old system for the brand, new, definitely worlds better, amazing, sleek, easy-to-use, fully integrated online store that is part of our website rather than being a separate service.  We will turn on a 30-day “trial period” for those who have memberships as of the moment we drop the other service to allow for us to contact everyone who had an active membership and make sure everything transitions smoothly.

We’re pretty excited for this new online store and you’ll see a lot more involving memberships over the next few months as we flesh out the system even more.  The plan is to bring a whole lot of bonus content (for no extra cost!) for those who have store memberships, so if you’ve been on the fence about it, please consider purchasing a membership and help us grow that part of our services.

The goal is to have everything ready by Monday, the 19th of June, but hey, we’re all gamers here and we know how well technology treats us, so stand by for that to flex, just a tad.  We hope you’re ready for us to kick it up a notch and take MGS to the next level.

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Mikhail Alexeev Journal Entry – March 02 – March 04, 1897

Mikhail Alexeev Journal Entry – March 02 – March 04, 1897

This is a journal entry for the character Mikhail Alexeev, aka Mishka.  You can watch Mikhail’s exploits in our Masque of the Red Death campaign, livestreamed Mondays at 7 PM MNT on Twitch and Facebook.



March 02

We entered the temple and found many dead bodies.  It looked like they were hacked to pieces by a skeleton man.  One of them was missing a head. We confirmed this when we went further into temple and found three more skeleton men. They attacked us, and English Lady wanted to run away,  but Mikhail does not fear shambling stack of bones!

Mikhail Does Not Fear the Dead!

I charged in and tore them to pieces with my bear claws! My comrades helped a little bit. After battle we searched the room. English woman found a map to L Doorado, very helpful.

The Doctor was playing with an urn and opened secret passageway.  Inside was a little glowing man. He threw an object at us, and I retrieved it. It was the missing head! Mystery solved!

March 3 & 4

We followed map to L Doorado. We had to go through thick mist to get there, Mikhail could not see a thing but Catholick Priest was able to lead us through it. We found another temple! But this one had big tree in the middle of it! We made our way to big tree temple and ran into some of the men we were searching for.

Big Tree in Temple

American told them we were part of their mercenary company. Mikhail did not know this. I thought we were hired by English company to help them find Doctor.  Very confusing.

Men told us not to go in temple, that their employer had gone mad.  Mikhail is not afraid of angry men! He strode forward first, but remembered American is good at spotting traps, so he let American go first instead. Mikhail is afraid of traps.

We came to archway with writing that Doctor translated. Said only the virtuous may pass. Who is more virtuous than Mikhail? I strode first through the arch and I ended up somewhere not on the other side of it. I waited, and eventually American appeared behind me. None of my other companions appeared. They must not be as virtuous as we are!

We continued on and found mercenary man with eye patch. He pointed his gun at Mikhail, but I reassured him I was with same mercenary company as American had said. Eye patch man was having trouble crossing big lake. It wafilled with piranhas.  I tried to convince piranhas to leave Mikhail and American comrade alone, and to only eat eye patch man, Mikhail does not trust one eyed men. They agreed to plan! But Mikhail could tell they were lying. 

Do Not Trust Piranha

Mikhail came up with new plan. He  turned into giant spider and carried others across. We went through tunnel into middle of temple with big tree. and fountain. There we met up with other, less virtuous, comrades. There we two other men here. Mad man and dirt digging Doctor.

This fountain was what the angry one was looking for to break curse he was under. Fountain of youth I think is what he called it.

There was also very beautiful woman here who offered eternal life to one of us, but that person could not leave tree temple. Mikhail passed on offer, seemed like a very boring place to be stuck in forever. Angry man and eye patch man fought over who would get to be one to stay. 

Priest stood in fountain and discovered it did not make him feel younger, only more dead. Maybe fountain is misnamed? Tree did not like priest being in fountain and started to attack him.

Eye patch man won fight, but American knocked him out after. This make attractive woman think maybe he best one to stay, but Mikhail could not let other virtuous comrade be enthralled by woman so I webbed American to the ground.

Mikhail is Friendly Giant Spider! 

Doctor comrade kept speaking of a cunning plan he had. I think it worked because he held woman at gunpoint, and this seemed to stop the tree from attacking us.

At some point the Doctor we were sent to rescue drank from the fountain and died. I think he should have listened to priest.  Doctor comrade convinced the tree to give us the body and let us leaf…hahaha little nature humor there…Tree agreed, and we left. I do not think the English mercenary company that hired us will be happy.


Tyler plays the character Mikhail, aka Mishka, in Masque of the Red Death livestreamed Mondays at 7 PM on Twitch and Facebook.



Source: Tyler’s Personal Feed

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DM tips with Justin

In all of history, only one challenge surpasses all others.  One monumental task that seems impossible.  Only a select few can ever hope to master this challenge: Being a Dungeon Master.

All hyperbole aside, being a Dungeon Master is a very nerve wracking and time consuming task.  In this weekly series​, I will give tips for both aspiring DMs and rpg veterans to help you add more to your campaign. Keep in mind these are tips, not hard and fast rules.

Who am I?  I am a long time D&D player who has been running games for over twenty years.  I started with AD&D and have played all the way to 5e.  I currently run the weekly stream for Military Gamer Supply set in the classic Ravenloft setting, Masque of the Red Death (every Monday at 7pm on the Military Gamer Supply Twitch channel).

There are many things to cover.  I decided to start at the beginning with one simple question: Why?

Do you have a great story in mind? We’re you the only one of your friends willing to DM?  Do you like the idea of playing many different characters at once?  Did your kids get the starter set for Christmas?  Excellent! These are all solid reasons to DM.

Regardless of the specifics, there is one goal for every DM: Facilitate the fun. No matter what your “why” is, fun should be the ultimate goal. Everyone is trying to have a great time with this game, as the Dungeon Master a great deal of that burden falls upon you.  However, as we move into the first tip, you will find that it is not a burden at all.

Tip #1.  Before you start playing, you need to work out with your players the type of game they want to play.  I am not talking only about the setting. Do you want to play a silly game where even the characters names are jokes? Or perhaps a more serious game about the ramifications of war.  The goal is for you and your players to have the same idea in mind as you craft the story.  Know the answers of what you would like to get out of running the campaign from the very beginning.  Failure to have a clear idea in mind can lead to a bad overall experience.  If you want a serious noir style game and one of your players shows up with Facepunch the Buttkicker, Lord of Smasha Town, someone is not going to be having fun.

Some things to consider:
Setting (Traditional Fantasy or SciFi for example)
Serious v Silly
High magic v Low Magic
Combat Driven v Story Driven
How often will you play?
How long for each session?
Player against player actions
House rules (no cell phones at the table for example)

If you have a clear idea of the type of game you would like, it makes it easier for your players to fit in.  You may need to compromise a little bit on some issues which is fine.  Table top gaming requires communication and compromise like any other relationship.

Now that you have worked out they type of game that you will run, it is time to get into the meat of it all.  Next week I will be discussing character creation and the role of the DM in that process.  If you want me to go over a specific topic, comment below.  Thanks for reading, and Happy Gaming.