MGS Presents the Neverwinter Branch of Acquisitions Inc.

Omin Dran has put out the call to adventures to help establish the Neverwinter Branch of Acquisitions Incorporated. If you think you have the mettle and the guts to brave the world of Acquisitions Inc come on down and join us on September 6th at 7 pm for our 1st one shot adventure set in […]

75 Renowm Age of Sigmar Tournament.

Come down to MGS on 2nd of July and join us for our 1st Age of Sigmar Skirmish Tournament. Build your force following the Skirmish rules, limited to two miniatures with the Hero key word, and you have 75 renown to do it with.¬†Free¬†entree into the event and Pizza will be provided. Registration at 11:30AM […]