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Welcome to the El Paso Game Store – Veteran Owned, Open to Everyone

Welcome to the premier El Paso Game Store featuring miniatures, tabletop games, RPGs, card games, and board games along with events, tournaments, classes, and a whole lot more. We support your favorite games while maintaining a positive, respectful environment. To us, your fun and enjoyment is number one.

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Check Out Our Community

    What Makes Us The El Paso Game Store?

    Its the Community, its All About You…

    We are proud to serve a large portion of the El Paso area with our events, open community, and volunteer initiatives. We host numerous fundraisers to support organizations like Extra Life which directly benefits The El Paso Children’s Miracle Network. If you’re interested in volunteering we always have opportunities available to help others.

    Find games hosted by others in El Paso such as Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer 40K and Age of Sigmar, Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, Board Games, Shadowrun, and a many others. Come on in and check out the store to find your home for games and community.

    Our Support to the Military Doesn’t End at a Discount

    We support our men and women in uniform in as many ways as we can because nearly all of us here at MGS have served in some capacity. Understanding our military community is important because we are a part of it and we hope that it shows. We also support our Law Enforcement and Emergency Responders by donating to various causes and relief funds. Supporting our community is important and it’s why we may the claim that we’re the premier El Paso Game Store.

    Can’t Find Something? Let us help!

    If we don’t carry a specific game or don’t host an event you’re looking for then hit us up. We’re more than happy to find a distributor or put out the word to form a new community in order to help you find your gaming home right here in El Paso.